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Just three days before the start of the Women’s World Cup, hosted by Australia and New Zealandthis year’s tournament will feature 32 national teams and a total of 726 players ready to show their skills on the field.

Among the 726 players, we will see notable stars of women’s soccer and lesser-known players who aspire to make their mark in soccer history.

Regarding age record holders, two players hold records for the youngest and oldest participants in the Women’s World Cup. Ifeanyi Chiejine debuted in 16 and 34while formigathe oldest player, joined the Brazil national team in 41 and 112 days in 2019, making history as the only footballer to join seven FIFA World Cups.

The youngest and oldest players at the 2023 Women’s World Cup

the oldest

Canada christina sinclair and captain of the Nigerian Super Falcons onome ebi are both 40 years old. However, Ebi is one month and four days older that sinclair. Sinclair will play her sixth World Cup since 2003, alongside Nigerian captain Onome Ebi.

Plus, three Football Ferns players, including co-captains Ria Percival and ali riley, Annalie Longobrazilian superstar marthaand sweden Caroline Seger, attend their fifth World Cup. Since her debut 23 years ago, in 2000, Christine Sinclair has played 323 caps for Canada, a world record in the world of soccer.

The youngest

Casey Phaira talented striker from USA but representing south koreashe has become the youngest player in the tournament, having recently celebrated her 16th birthday on June 29. she born in 2007Phair came into this world as soccer icons like Marta, Christine Sinclair and Caroline Seger were preparing for the legendary World Cup showdown in China.

His youth and skill have garnered worldwide attention while playing for the US-based Player Development Academy. Let’s just assume Colin Bell, Korea Republic manager and former Manchester City player decides to put Phair in the first two games of the group stage. In that case, the young Korean can become the youngest player in the history of the tournament. beating Ifeanyi Chiejine’s record by just two days.

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