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Francis Ngannou spoke about creating the name GIMIK Fight Promotions for his representation in promoting his upcoming boxing match with Tyson Fury.

During his appearance in MMA time, Ngannou spoke about GIMIK Fight Promotions, noting that UFC President Dana White was unintentionally instrumental in his decision. He mentioned that White’s insults to arguments over his boxing matches as gimmick matches led him to use the name.

He said:

“I was doing my thing and then at the end of the day I turned it off. It was about a trick fight, which is the same as him [Dana White] I was trying to do, a trick fight. Next time you have a trick fight you should send it to me, I’ll take care of it.”

‘The Predator’ then revealed his plans for GIMIK Fight Promotions in the future and plans to eventually host an event. He mentioned that GIMIK Fight Promotion might organize their own gimmick fights and said:

“It won’t be, it’s [GIMIK Fight Promotions] It’s already a real thing, it’s in… I’m going to host events for sure, trick fight… It’s part of this fight [with Fury].

Rather than go on social media back and forth, Ngannou took a slur from the UFC president and turned it into marketing for his own fight and possibly even future events should he decide to host them in the future.

Francis Ngannou Clarifies Inaccurate Claims About UFC’s Proposed Contract Offer

Francisco NgannouThe decision to essentially bet on himself paid off, as he signed a lucrative contract with the PFL and most recently agreed to fight Tyson Fury in boxing.

During the mentioned appearance in MMA timeprevious ufc heavyweight champion responded to claims of dana white and another about what the promotion offered him. He mentioned that he would not have earned the same amount in every fight and noted that he felt like he was being cheated, saying:

“There was a trick there and it was just so I could put pen to paper. And then, there was a big number and there was nothing behind it, the paper was practically blank… I’m sure you” I’m going to say like, ‘eight million for three fights.’ No, that’s not what it was… I just like to pull a number and I want to impress you into signing you.”

Francis Ngannou asked if he will earn more for his fight with Tyson Fury than he has earned in his entire UFC career.

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