“West Hollywood Announces Reopening Plans and Summer Events”

The city of West Hollywood has announced its plans for reopening following the COVID-19 pandemic and will host a number of events throughout the summer to welcome back visitors and residents.

Reopening Plans

The city will reopen its parks, playgrounds, and other outdoor spaces to the public, with some restrictions still in place. City officials are urging everyone to continue following COVID-19 safety guidelines and to get vaccinated if they have not already done so.

Indoor facilities, including gyms and community centers, will also reopen with limited capacity and safety protocols in place. The city has also announced plans to resume in-person city council meetings starting in June.

Summer Events

To celebrate the reopening of the city, West Hollywood will host a number of summer events. One of the highlights of the season will be the Sunset Strip Music Festival, which will feature a lineup of local and national musicians performing at various venues along the Sunset Strip.

Other events include the West Hollywood Pride Parade, which will take place in June to commemorate LGBTQ+ Pride Month. The city will also host an outdoor movie series, featuring classic and contemporary films, and a farmers market every Monday.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

While the city is eager to reopen and welcome back visitors and residents, officials are emphasizing the importance of following COVID-19 safety protocols. Masks will still be required in indoor public spaces, and social distancing will be encouraged at all events.

The city is also offering free COVID-19 testing and vaccinations to anyone who needs them. Residents and visitors are encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible to help keep the community safe and healthy.


West Hollywood is excited to welcome back visitors and residents and is taking steps to ensure that everyone can enjoy the city safely. With a variety of events and activities planned for the summer, there is something for everyone to enjoy. And with COVID-19 safety measures in place, patrons can feel confident attending events and exploring the city once again.

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