Vera Pauw is right to protect Team Ireland just days before the start of the World Cup –

Kicked, pinched, heavy handed. It was not a normal day in Brisbane.

They were the dark arts in action.

People think that games behind closed doors are relaxed. Well, not always.

It took Vera Pauw 15 minutes to realize this. The referee’s whistle blew to start the unofficial match against Colombia last Friday. And it did not stop sounding like foul after foul was committed.

Players can be cowards. As long as they know there will be no penalties for bad behavior, they act tough. That was what happened between the women’s team of Ireland and Colombia.

The Irish players came under fire; Denise O’Sullivan, one of our best players, ended up in the hospital, her World Cup was almost over. It was then that Vera acted.

Every move he made on Friday was decisive, first in realizing he needed to leave the game, then in having the intelligence to call FAI chief executive Jonathan Hill for his approval to do so; then take their women off the field.

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