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Commonwealth Games Federation, Commonwealth Youth Leader for Trinbago Games 2023 Annie Hairsine addresses a press conference at the Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort, Tuesday. Looking on are Minister for Sport and Community Development Shamfa Cudjoe (R) and the TT Olympic Committee and Commonwealth TT Junior Games Chairman Diane Henderson. – Sport

With two weeks to go until the Commonwealth Youth Games (CYG) Trinbago2023 to showcase Trinidad and Tobago to the world, preparation of the venues and completion of the 71 attending countries and their athletes is in its final stages.

Commonwealth Games Federation Junior Commonwealth Games Leader for the Trinbago Games 2023 Annie Hairsine made the revelation while addressing the Commonwealth Games Association TT press conference at the Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort with the goal of providing an update on the games scheduled for August 4-11.

According to Hairsine, with a couple of weeks to go, there’s a huge amount going on right now.

“We have just over 1,800 volunteers who have stepped up and are currently undergoing a series of trainings to prepare them, familiarize them with their venues and understand their expectations, what teams, spectators, friends and family will enjoy. in just over two weeks.

TTCGA President Diane Henderson said that in addition to TT’s 1,800 volunteers, the games will welcome 1,000 athletes from 71 countries with 500 officials. Local Organizing Committee (LOC) Chairman Douglas Camacho said TT is ready, willing and able to host the “magnificent games.”

Sport and Community Development Minister Shamfa Cudjoe said the games would focus on youth.

“Athletes will be between 14 and 18 years old. These games give us an opportunity to showcase sport for youth development, especially in the year that the Commonwealth secretariat celebrates the Year of Youth. It also gives us a platform to show that athletics and academics can go hand in hand, so we are using as part of these games the opportunity to show and partner with the Ministry of Education to push the sports campaign in schools. So now you’ll see the I Choose Sport campaign going on in our schools, we’re trying to transform lives and change the culture when it comes to providing a suitable environment for student-athletes.”

He said that these games provide economic activities for businessmen and noted that this is an opportunity to promote the sports tourism agenda in Trinidad and Tobago, as he said that Tobago will host four sports disciplines.

“Rugby at the Shaw Park sports facilities and redevelopment is underway from the Tobago Legislative Assembly. You have netball, we had the opportunity to visit and meet at the Shaw Park Multi-Use Complex where the flooring and all the necessary equipment and infrastructure is being installed. We also have the triathlon which takes place in Buccoo and finishes at the iconic Buccoo Goat Racing Facility and of course the beach volleyball takes place at the new sports facility being built for the beach games.”

She said that all installations have been confirmed to be ready and completed by July 29.

“This gives us about two to three days to fix any issues. We don’t expect any major problems, so we’ll be ready to shoot on August 4.”

Members of the LOC’s Tobago Task Force also attended. The press conference also introduced Tobago to Cocoyea, the human-sized mascot for the games.

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