Unlike teammate Max Verstappen, Sergio Pérez is open to the idea of ​​having more street tracks in F1 – Sportskeeda

Sergio Pérez spoke about his desire to have more street circuits in Formula 1, contrary to what his teammate Max Verstappen previously said.

There has been talk of a Grand Prix in Madrid different from the existing Spanish GP in Barcelona. The president of IFEMA (Institución Ferial de Madrid) previously hinted that there is a lot of interest in the Grand Prix.

It has also been said that it will be one more street circuit. Speaking of the same, Perez mentioned that he likes to have street races.

race fans quoted him:

“I think street circuits are special, it would be nice to add more to the calendar. There’s a very special atmosphere when we go there, especially like you can find in cities like Madrid.”

Sergio Perez He is sometimes called the ‘King of the Streets’ due to his amazing performance on the street circuits. This could be one of the reasons why he would prefer street circuits to normal race tracks.

He Red Bull driver added:

“Yes, I’ve done well [at street circuits]. I think the confidence to get to the circuit and the weekend to do things well is important.”

Max Verstappen’s verdict on street circuits differs from his teammate’s

British F1 Grand Prix

Last year, max verstappen he talked about street courses and why he prefers not to race on them.

According to the double world champion, the cars of this era have made it very difficult to race on circuits that are too short and full of curves at low speed. He added that his preference is for circuits like Spa-Froncorchamps (Belgium).

speaking to viaplay in 2022, he said:

“Personally I’m more into high speed corners, for me Spa 100% [should never leave the calendar]because that’s where you can really make a big difference as a driver.”


“Now with the new cars, driving on a street circuit is the worst experience ever. It’s just because they are too heavy, too stiff.”

Although Max Verstappen seems not to prefer street circuits, it could just be because of the brand of the cars now.

They are heavier and much bigger compared to the ones from a day ago. He added that the cars of a few years ago were very different.

Max Verstappen said:

“I was driving in Singapore, and I love Singapore, it’s a really amazing track, and I was really disappointed with the behavior of the cars, compared to 2015, 2016, where it’s a bit more nimble and you can drive off the curbs.

He continued:

“Now the cars are so stiff [that] As soon as you touch the curb, you almost end up on the other side of the road.”

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