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Donald Trump Reveals Plan After Claiming He Would End Ukraine War “In 24 Hours”

donald trump he is considering his 2024 Republican challengers as potential running mates should he win the Republican nomination.

said the former president foxnews on Sunday that his running mate could “possibly” be among the 2024 candidates saying there are “some very talented people” in the race.

He said Vivek Ramaswamy has “done a very good job” and that Sen. Tim Scott is a “very nice guy,” but stopped short of saying who he would pick if the time came.

Over the weekend, Trump headlined the first of a two-day conference organized by a group of right-wing political activists. Tipping Point USA along with lawmakers, candidates and far-right pundits, including Tucker Carlson and matt gaetz.

In his rambling speech on Saturday night, he condemned the criminal investigations and charges against him while saying ron desantis to “come home to Florida,” accusing his rival for the Republican presidential nomination of neglecting the governor’s office.

Meanwhile, Mr. DeSantis’s campaign has reported raising more than $20 million in the first six weeks of his campaign, but about a dozen employees were recently laid off in a shakeup as their poll numbers are below former president.


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Oliver O’ConnellJuly 17, 2023 21:35


Yellen reportedly ate hallucinogenic mushrooms at a restaurant during her visit to China

US treasury secretary janet yellen allegedly ate an order of potentially hallucinogenic fungus in a restaurant during a visit last week to Beijing.

jose marcus has the story.

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 17, 2023 21:30


Flynn, Bannon Subpoenaed in Smartmatic Lawsuit Against Fox News and Newsmax

Trump allies Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon have been cited by Smartmatic as part of the voting technology company’s massive defamation lawsuits against Fox News and Newsmax for their promotion of 2020 election lies.

Court documents made public last week in New York and Delaware indicate that Flynn and Bannon have been served with subpoenas, requiring them to appear to testify and answer questions under oath. The affidavits were initially scheduled for this week, though the timing may change based on negotiations and other developments in the lawsuits.

Bannon must also turn over the subpoenaed documents to Smartmatic, including communications with senior officials at Fox News, the Trump campaign and the Trump administration about the 2020 presidential election, according to court documents.

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 17, 2023 21:19


Don Jr. says he wouldn’t have gotten away with having cocaine in the White House

Former White House resident donald trump son has weighed in after the Secret Service closed its investigation into the discovery of cocaine in the building, suggesting that he would not have “get away with it.”

The eldest son of the former president donald trump made the remarks at the Turning Point Action Conference on Sunday, when he assured the crowd that snorting cocaine was not his thing.

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 17, 2023 21:00


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Trump finally reveals how he thinks he could end Russia’s war on Ukraine

Months after affirming that it could end Russiais at war Ukraine in 24 hours former president donald trump he has finally offered an explanation as to why he thinks it would be so simple for him.

Trump was asked about his specific plan to end the war in an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo over the weekend.

His claimed it would come down to his established relations with Ukrainian President Volodymr. Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir putin.

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 17, 2023 20:30


Republican lawmakers say a ‘fistfight’ between Boebert and Greene is possible

The ongoing dispute between Republican representatives marjorie taylor greene and lauren beebert appears to be reaching new heights (or depths?) as a Republican lawmaker said the standoff between the two members of Congress could result in a fistfight.

kelly rissmann has the details.

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 17, 2023 20:00


Governor Kim Reynolds to Hold “Fair Talks” with 2024 Republican Candidates at the Iowa State Fair

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 17, 2023 19:41


White House Applauds Marjorie Taylor Greene

Although the Republican representative from Georgia marjorie taylor greene tried to criticize the president Joe Biden By comparing his programs to those of Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson, the White House he took it as a compliment.

“He got us. President Biden is working to make life easier for working families ”, official account of the White House. tweeted.

kelly rissmann has the story.

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 17, 2023 7:30 p.m.


EXCLUSIVE: Former Senior Intelligence Official Says Trump’s Second Term Could Fatally Destabilize America

The former number two official in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has offered a dire prediction about the future of the United States. donald trump or another like-minded Republican manages to win next year’s presidential election, according to a new book by a former Trump administration national security adviser.

In recoil, author miles taylor recounts an October 2020 conversation he had with Sue Gordon, a 25-year veteran of the US intelligence community who served as principal deputy director of national intelligence from 2017 to 2019, shortly after the news broke. that the FBI had thwarted a plot by Michigan-based right wing extremists to kidnap state governor Wolverine gretchen whitmer.

According to a copy of the book obtained by the independent ahead of its release on Tuesday, Taylor recalls how news of the kidnapping plot prompted him to phone Ms Gordon, who he says has spent “decades” at the CIA monitoring foreign governments for signs of instability, and asked her to the former DNI deputy how the “democracy” of the United States “stability” would be affected by a second term in the White House for Trump or a “successor to Maga”.

Andres Feinberg spoke to Miles Taylor.

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 17, 2023 19:00

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