“Tiger Woods Accused of Sexual Harassment: What We Know So Far”

Professional golfer Tiger Woods has been accused of sexual harassment by his ex-girlfriend in the latest court filing, as reported by Fox News. The allegations were made in a motion filed by Woods’ ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, who is also the general manager of his Florida restaurant. In this article, we will explore the details of the accusations against Tiger Woods and their potential impact on his career.

The Accusations

In the court filing, Erica Herman accused Tiger Woods of sexual harassment and claimed that he had “verbally abused, intimidated and manipulated” her during their relationship. She also alleged that Woods had pressured her into signing a non-disclosure agreement to prevent her from speaking out about their relationship.

Herman’s allegations are the latest in a series of controversies surrounding Tiger Woods. In 2009, Woods was involved in a highly publicized scandal involving multiple extramarital affairs, which led to his divorce from his wife and a break from professional golf. Woods has since returned to professional golf and has won several major tournaments, including the Masters in 2019.

Tiger Woods’ Response

Tiger Woods has denied the allegations made by Erica Herman. In a statement released to the media, Woods’ spokesperson said, “Tiger Woods and his representatives have no comment on this matter, as it is inappropriate and should be kept private.”

Woods has also faced criticism for his response to the allegations. Some have argued that Woods should be more transparent about the allegations and should take a stronger stance against sexual harassment.

The Potential Impact on Woods’ Career

The allegations made by Erica Herman could have a significant impact on Tiger Woods’ career, both on and off the golf course. If the allegations are found to be true, Woods could face consequences such as fines, suspension, or even expulsion from the PGA Tour.

In addition, the allegations could have an impact on Woods’ reputation and endorsement deals. Woods has been one of the most successful and marketable athletes in history, and his endorsements have earned him millions of dollars. However, if the allegations are found to be true, Woods’ endorsement deals could be in jeopardy, as companies may not want to associate themselves with an athlete who has been accused of sexual harassment.


The allegations made by Erica Herman against Tiger Woods are serious and could have a significant impact on his career and reputation. While Woods has denied the allegations, the controversy surrounding them is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. As the investigation continues, it remains to be seen what the outcome will be and how it will affect Tiger Woods’ standing in the world of professional golf.

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