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Italian model Paulina Saulino, very popular on OnlyFans, has defended Premier League footballer Kyle Walker. It has recently come to light that the Manchester City player has a double life, even with a daughter in between. It is one of the biggest scandals ever reported in the British tabloids.

Saulino, however, wanted to lend a hand to the defender and has played down the controversy.

Saulino, 34, has not been surprised by this news. In an interview to the Daily Star, the Italian model has assessed what happened.

“I’m not surprised by what Kyle did. Betrayal is something very natural in life. Maybe it has a bad reputation, but it is normal that we want to want other things. Why in love should not be the same,” she reflected, applauding the City player for his public apology.

Paulina Saulino’s experience

The OnlyFans model has given details about her experiences with different Premier League players. And she has made it clear that loyalty, in her opinion, is not one of the main virtues of the players in this competition.

“I sympathize with Walker because 98 percent of footballers do this. It’s very easy to have two or three wives and children scattered around. He’s not the first and he’s not going to be the last,” she commented.

Saulino has confessed that she herself has had some heartbreak in this regard: “I have had three relationships in my life with Premier League footballers and later discovered that they were engaged or even married. I was disappointed. I like men a lot, but they have a lot of flaws. As a woman, I don’t try to change them and I don’t expect them to act any differently.”

The Italian enjoyed great notoriety when in 2016 she promised sexual favors to all those who voted no to the reforms proposed by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Currently, Saulino is one of the biggest stars on OnlyFans.

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