‘The only reason I’m here’: Aussie star seeks revenge on Tszyu as boxing shootout to face Nikita set – Fox Sports

One of Australia’s most colorful fighters is back in the sport and he’s going after unbeaten prospect Nikita Tszyu, a push that has been given the blessing of No Limit’s promoters.

Australian boxing kicks off a huge month of fights on Wednesday when the nation’s Next Big Thing, Paulo Aokuso, battles the popular Renold Quinlan in the first of three no-limit fight shows in Sydney.

In addition to being part of Aokuso’s drive to win a world title in less than seven fights, or faster than Hall of Famer Jeff Fenech, the card is now also set to reveal the next opponent for Tim Tszyu’s younger brother. .

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Unlimited Press Conference: Paulo Aokuso, Renold Quinlan, Jack Brubaker, Troy O’Meley, Youssef Dib, Miles Zalewski and George Rose at Hoops Capital East, Moore Park. Image: Limitless/Gregg PorteousSource: Supplied

Speaking at Monday’s press conference, No Limit CEO George Rose revealed that the winner of Wednesday’s co-feature between Jack Brubaker and Troy O’Meley will almost certainly be catapulted into a feud with ‘The Butcher’ in the coming months. .

Talking with sports fox australiaBrubaker also confirmed that after two years out of the sport, he was returning for the sole purpose of earning redemption against the Tszyu family.

In 2019, Brubaker fought Tim Tszyu at the Sydney Exhibition Centre, and his corner threw in the towel during the fourth round when he took heavy punishment.

In just over a year, the boxer famed for his colorful personality and flashy punches had disappeared for what he now says with a smile was “making babies.”

Asked if his decision to return was motivated by Nikita Tszyu’s rise, Brubaker told Fox Sports Australia: “That’s the only reason I’m here… to win back the Tszyu family.

“Right now, they are one nil against me.

“But Nikita, he’s a beatable opponent.

“No Limit has done a great job developing it, picking the right fights.

“But most of Nikita’s opponents have been beaten before he ever got into the ring.

“They look like deer in the headlights at press conferences.

“No Limit puts on big shows and unless you’re a big show wrestler you’re done for even before you get the win.

“So yeah, Nikita has looked good.

“And he’s had enthusiasm around him for his entire career, with good reason.

“But it’s beatable.

“Ben Horn showed that he can get hurt…and he’s not going to knock me out in the first round, that’s for sure.”

Jack Brubaker and Troy O’Meley face off.Source: Supplied

When asked about Brubaker’s return, No Limit CEO Rose said that Sydneysider had left the fighting game too soon.

“And he says he’s been out there making babies, there’s nothing wrong with that,” Rose laughed.

“But I think Australian boxing has missed Jack Brubaker.

“He is a guy that people remember. They know his name, his fights, his quits…it’s great to have him back here.

“So now we can see what happens between Jack and Troy O’Meley.

“They have this opportunity to put their name on everyone’s lips. That is the opportunity you have here.

“They want to fight Nikita Tszyu, so let’s see how they do, what they bring to the table.

“It’s something they both want and it’s something I’m definitely going to make happen.”

WEDNESDAY, JULY 19: Undefeated rising star Paulo Aokuso takes on former world champion Renold Quinlan LIVE on Kayo Sports. New to Kayo? Start your free trial now >

Paulo Aokuso and Renold Quinlan face off Photo :No Limit/Gregg PorteousSource: Supplied

And as for a timeline?

“Obviously it will depend on how they recover from the fight, but we would like to do it as soon as possible,” Rose said.

During the press conference, both O’Meley and Brubaker said they wanted Tszyu next, with the former saying, “I think the winner of this fight deserves Nikita.

“He’s been calling people and if he’s ready, here I am.”

Same Brubaker deal.

Pressed about his disappearance from the fight game, Brubaker continued: “I needed to get away from boxing to get my hunger back.

“When I was at the top of the food chain, I loved sports. He was the top welterweight in the country for four years.

“But boxing is a hard sport.

“And against Stevie Spark (his last fight, in 2021), he had that look that I had in previous years.

“I would throw four punches. He would roll six.

“I would throw seven, he would throw nine.

“He did a little more because I wanted him a little more.

“So, afterward, I knew I had to get away for a while. And while I don’t need to go back and fight, I’m excited about my career, I really see everything that happens from here on as a bonus.”

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