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With the Under-20 World Championship coming to a close last week, many have wondered how much action the best players from this Wales Under-20 team will see at regional level next season.

after a big disappointment six nations where Wales resigned themselves to the wooden spoon, the young Welsh team finished sixth in South Africa this summer. While it was far from a classic campaign, it impressed many players by giving real hope that they can break into the pro game in the coming seasons. With Welsh rugby about to enter a period of severe austerity, the four regions will have no choice but to rely on emerging young talent.

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So we’ve selected a few players who shone at the Welsh Under-20s this summer and who we think have a real chance of playing for a long time at regional level:

Dan Edwards

The 20-year-old outside midfielder has gotten better and better over the course of the season. Edwards has all the ingredients to become an international player of the future.

He has a decent running game, is an excellent kicker and has a lot of peripheral vision, but it’s his handling of the game that makes the difference. ospreys man apart. If you look at the situation at the Ospreys, they’ve lost Gareth Anscombe and Stephen Myler, leaving a hole at No. 10.

Welsh international Owen Williams has signed a new contract and is the clear first choice in the Stadium, but it may be out of commission at the World Cup at the start of the season.

The Ospreys also have ex-Exeter Chiefs player Jack Walsh as an option. Walsh is a talented footballer, but he perhaps lacks the authority to play outside midfield at the highest level and may be better suited as a second playmaker in midfield. There are areas of Edwards’ game that are already superior to Walsh’s, so it would be a surprise if he didn’t play a bit of rugby this season.

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