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In 2018, the US Supreme Court lifted the federal ban on single-game wagering. One by one, the states started liberalising sports wagering.

Throughout 2021, we have seen several states (including Florida, Connecticut, Arizona, and New York) passing sports betting bills. 

This brings us to the question: why was sports betting illegal in the first place? Professional leagues held a firm stance for generations: it was supposedly bad for their games. For centuries, sports wagering has been linked to gangsters and fixed games. 

Sports fans, on the other hand, pushed the government to liberalise game outcome predictions, as it helps them enjoy the games more.

Bets are an inseparable aspect of the sports fan culture, especially when it comes to soccer. In Europe, where wagering has been legal for centuries, placing various bets before every major game is a tradition. 

Sports Wagering Is Not Just about Luck; It’s about Knowledge and Skill

At first, wagering is done merely for fun. Beginners haven’t developed any strategies yet. They tend to join a 1 dollar deposit casino, choose a few games and bet on their favourite teams.

With time, they learn how predictions work. They start observing the way teams play, and they notice patterns. They develop strategies with different bets, and they become cautious about the amounts they invest. 

Soccer wagering takes a lot of research. Sports fans have to understand statistics, analyse the players’ skills, and investigate the current form of teams before placing bets.

They consistently keep up with the news. They pay attention to club management details, player injury and incidents, new transfers, and anything else that could affect the outcome of a match. By becoming more knowledgeable and skilful at wagering, soccer fans get more passionate about the game, too. 

Sports Betting Boosts Fan Engagement

As soccer fans do their research on the teams, games, and stats, their engagement with the sport increases. They get more enthusiastic about attending games and all kinds of related events. Soccer becomes an aspect of their daily life. 

With this, the entire sports betting industry benefits. The fans won’t only join a live casino online to spend an evening placing bets; they will also watch the games and cheer with excitement. The fact that they place bets (live or before the game) only elevates the adrenaline levels. 


Money Is Important, Too

For those who know how soccer works and get informed about the teams’ form, placing bets is an easy and fun way to make money. The element of surprise is always there, but that’s what makes predictions exciting at the end of the day. 

In 2019, Americans wagered $13 billion on sports. This is a big amount of money when seen in total. But placing a $10 bet on a soccer game from time to time is not a big deal for most fans.

A successful prediction will at least double their wager. A knowledgeable bettor who’s non-stop in action can make decent amounts on a monthly basis.

That being said, sports wagering is not recommended as an actual profession. But it can be a profitable hobby when approached the right way. True fans know how to accept losses, too. 

The Betting Industry Is Important for Soccer Clubs

Soccer players and clubs are known for their partnerships with betting firms. These sponsorship deals are evaluated at over $330 million on an annual basis.

The English Premier League, in particular, is closely linked to the betting industry. Most of the teams carry a logo of a betting brand on their shirts. Betway, Unibet, M88, and Fun88 are only a few of the many brands involved in the League. Driven by the revenue they generate by featuring logos on their shirts, clubs often take these deals.   

Fans drive the wagering culture and contribute to these lucrative partnerships. With that, they have an indirect effect on the growth of their favourite teams. 

Soccer Fans Love to Bet; That’s a Fact!

Although there are valid concerns about the betting industry becoming too important for soccer itself, the relationship works for now. 

Soccer has a global appeal, and betting companies know that. Through sponsorship, they promote themselves to attract more fans to their industry.

Soccer fans, on the other hand, have always been driven by the thrill of predicting results and wagering on different outcomes. Wagering has become a part of soccer fan culture.

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