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Mario Andretti has been trying to get Andretti Motorsport in Formula 1 since a time ago. He was previously rejected to enter the sport in 2025, however, recent reports suggest that the FIA ​​and Formula 1 could approve the team to enter the sport in 2026.

At the beginning of January this year, Andretti Motorsport made their bid to enter Formula 1. They weren’t the only team to do so. Hitech GP, Lucky Sun and Rodin Motorsport have also made bids to enter the sport. Andretti Motorsport has long wanted to get into Formula 1. Getting into Formula 1 will enhance Andretti’s overall brand value.

The FIA ​​and Formula 1 are on a never-ending mission to improve the ratings and value of the sport. Adding a new team to Formula 1 will reduce the shared winning prize for each team, but at the same time increase the overall revenue of the sport in the long run.

Andretti Motorsport Team is currently competing in IndyCar. It looks like they are having success in the sport as of now. However, they are not satisfied with it. Formula 1 is often considered the pinnacle of motorsport. While IndyCar machines are faster than Formula 1 cars in a straight line, Formula 1 cars are much faster over the course of a real track.

Both IndyCar and Formula 1 are home to 2 of the most iconic races in motorsport. Formula 1 hosts the Monaco Grand Prix, while IndyCar hosts the Indy500. Both races, along with the 24-hour race at Le Mans, complete the triple crown, which is considered one of the greatest achievements a driver can achieve.

What role will Alpine play for Andretti Motorsport?

The only team on the Formula 1 grid that has a Renault engine is Alpine. So the team is actively trying to find other teams that want to use their engines as well. Until 2018, Red Bull was supplied with Renault engines. However, a disagreement between the crew chiefs of both teams broke the partnership.

Providing engines to other teams will help Alpine with cash flow. A team could pay up to $20 million to purchase power units from other teams. However, engines are expected to be less expensive by 2026 as they will be removing the MGU-H component. In 2026, the Alpine engine could be worth around $10-15 million.

None of the current Formula 1 teams seem to want to buy Renault engines. Therefore, they will be supporting the arrival of new equipment, since they are potential clients. Alpine is rumored to be looking to see its engine and chassis for Andretti Motorsport.

The FIA ​​and Formula 1 are expected to approve another team’s bid to enter Formula 1 in 2026. Hitech GP confirmed its offer to enter the sport about a month ago. Vladimir Kim recently invested in Hitech GP. Once the investment was made, the team made its offer.

Let’s see if the FIA ​​and Formula officially approve these teams to enter the sport in 2026.

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