The Dancing Dentist” Returns to the Stage in “Damn Yankees

After a hiatus from the spotlight, Colorado-based dentist and actor Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, known as “The Dancing Dentist,” is making a comeback in the musical “Damn Yankees.

For many people, a trip to the dentist is a chore. But for Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, it’s an opportunity to spread joy and laughter. The Colorado-based dentist and actor, known affectionately as “The Dancing Dentist,” has been entertaining audiences for years with his infectious smile and smooth moves. And now, after a hiatus from the stage, he’s back in the spotlight in the musical “Damn Yankees.”

Fitzgerald has been a fixture in the Denver arts community for years, known for his roles in local theater productions and his energetic performances as a member of the band “The Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald Orchestra.” But in recent years, he’s been focusing more on his dental practice and less on his acting career.

Now, however, Fitzgerald is back on stage in the role of “Van Buren” in “Damn Yankees,” a classic musical about a baseball fan who sells his soul to the devil in order to help his favorite team win. Fitzgerald’s character is a sports reporter who adds a touch of humor to the production.

Fitzgerald’s colleagues in the Denver arts community are thrilled to see him back in action. “Kevin is a force of nature,” said Nick Sugar, the producing artistic director of the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. “He brings a joy and an energy to everything he does, whether it’s performing on stage or working as a dentist.”

For Fitzgerald, the return to the stage is a welcome opportunity to combine his two passions: dentistry and performing. “I love being a dentist, but I also love the arts,” he said. “Being able to do both is a dream come true.”

“The Dancing Dentist” has become something of a local legend in Colorado, known for his energetic performances and his commitment to his patients. He’s also an advocate for animal welfare, serving as a spokesperson for the Denver Dumb Friends League.

For Fitzgerald, it’s all about bringing joy and positivity to the world. “Life is short,” he said. “I want to make every moment count, whether I’m fixing teeth or dancing on stage.”

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