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In a vibrant display of cultural richness, the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy once again hosted the “Sadhu Mela” yesterday (November 28), continuing its tradition since 2019. The event, held on every full moon day on the occasion of Fakir Lalon Shai’s Disappearance Day, has become a standout regular occurrence in the institution’s contemporary activities.

The event, which unfolded at Bottola’s Baulkunja on Academy premises, brought together Bauls, Sadhus, and artistes from across the country, creating a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions.

Liaquat Ali Lucky, the director general of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA), assumed the role of the event’s presider, emphasising the pivotal role of cultural diversity in shaping the world.

“The world cannot thrive without the strength of cultural diversity. Let the world be transformed by the thoughts and practices of the Bauls,” he remarked. “We may suffer in any tragedy worldwide, but there is no remedy for it. To celebrate this world, we, from our country, pledge not to destroy it but to glorify it uniquely.”

Artistes Kutub Uddin, Upoma Akhtar, and Md Mahabul Islam took the stage for the initial performances, setting the tone for the evening. Following the musical presentations, an engaging discussion session added an intellectual layer to the cultural celebration.

The second part of the event featured captivating performances by Bolai Shah, Jamal Uddin, Tuntu Fakir, Shomir Hossen, Baul Rajib Shah, and Md Ariful Haque. The presence of senior artistes like Omar Ali, Luvli Sheikh, Taslima Akhtar, Bidyut Shil, and Md Manik added depth and experience to the artistic showcase.

The grand finale of the event showcased a collaborative musical presentation of “Milon Hobe Koto Dine” featuring an array of talented artistes, including Nabiya Binte Mitul, Faruk Hossen, Sri Krishna Gopal, Lima Khatun, Moselim Mia, Md Jahidul Islam, Fahima Ahmed Shifa, Abdul Mannan Talukdar, Ruma Akhtar, Md Miraz Shikder, Md Faruk Mia, Mozza. Mahima Khatoon, Shah Nawaz, Rezaul Karim, Aankhi Begum, and Momtaz Begum, amongst other prominent artists.

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