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July 17, 2023 | 19:59

Russell Okung’s incredible transformation continues.

Former NFL offensive lineman lost another 50 pounds on a 40-day water diet after losing almost 100 pounds in april.

Okung posted a photo on Instagram showing the ongoing transformation with the caption, “Long-term water-only fasting is one of the hardest and best things I’ve ever done.”

The former Seahawks and Chargers star weighed in at 310 pounds, 6-foot-5 during his final NFL season with the Panthers in 2020.

ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio estimated Okung’s weight to be around 220 pounds in April, leaving him in the 170-pound area.

The sixth overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft saw an abundance of success, becoming a key member of Settle’s 2013-14 Super Bowl-winning team and making the Pro Bowl twice as a left tackle.

However, that level of success came with struggles at his weight.

According to the lineman, simply getting out of bed was “difficult.”

“For me, as I reflect on my career, there were a couple of problems,” Okung he told GQ in June. “I went through a pulmonary embolism, lacerations to my lungs, a series of surgeries, ligament and tendon damage; getting up every day was hard.

“I thought, magically, that when I finished playing it would be easier. But it actually got harder. She was completely depleted of testosterone. I have two children, a wife and a life that is demanding. I couldn’t meet those demands. When I was playing, I didn’t think about these things. When I took a step back, I could see reality. I was in my youth, but I did not feel vitality. That was what led to the change.”

Russell Okung weighed over 300 pounds during his playing days.
MediaNews Group via Getty Images

The 34-year-old man’s diet consists of about six bottles of water a day, and the weight loss makes him feel better than ever.

“Oh my God. I feel alive!”

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