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Huge forest fire devastates La Palma forcing thousands to evacuate

Temperature records have been broken in Rome and Catalonia, as suggested by provisional data, as sur Europe is caught by extreme heat and forest fires.

Britain Ministry of Foreign Affairs has updated its travel advice for Spain and Greeceand tourists were urged to register for emergency alerts and warned of travel disruptions as temperatures soar.

Thousands have been evacuated in recent days as firefighters continue to battle wildfires near Athens, in the Canary Islands and on a mountainside in Switzerland.

Despite these devastating impacts, temperatures are forecast to rise more later this week and into the weekend, in conditions similar to those around the world, as millions of people in the United States, Asia and Africa also face extreme heat caused by the fuel-induced climate crisis fossils.

Forecasters predict this week’s temperatures may exceed Europe’s current record of 48.8°C, set in Sicily in August 2021, raising fears of a repeat of last year’s heat deaths, which led to some 61,000 deaths in Europe alone.

The EU’s emergency response coordination center issued red alerts for high temperatures for most of Italy, northeastern Spain, Croatia, Serbia, southern Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.


Heat wave in Europe: Is it safe to travel to Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia?

Travelers from the UK, US and other parts of the world may be concerned about planned trips to the Mediterranean.

As the busiest summer getaway since 2019 begins, travelers south Europe are likely to experience extremes heat. An area of ​​high pressure appears to have settled over the Mediterranean with little sign of abating.

The deadly heat wave of “Charon” (named after Italian meteorologists) grips southern France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey, as well as smaller countries in the Mediterranean region.

For travelers contemplating their options, these are the key questions and answers.

matt drakeJuly 18, 2023 18:45


Pensioner dies of heatstroke in Cyprus

According to the Cyrpus Mail, a 90-year-old man died Sunday of suspected heat stroke.

The retiree was rushed to a hospital in Nicosia and two other elderly people are also being monitored.

A state health spokesman said the man lived in a nursing home.

matt drakeJuly 18, 2023 18:03


Greek PM Returns Home Amid Forest Fire

A wildfire raged out of control through forests northwest of Athens for a second day on Tuesday, forcing more residents to flee their homes and Greece’s prime minister to urgently return home after a summit in Brussels. Greece’s recently re-elected prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, cut short his trip to Brussels, where he had been attending an EU-Latin America summit, early Tuesday.

More than 250 firefighters assisted by 75 fire trucks, 11 planes and nine helicopters battled the fire.

Firefighters managed to contain other fires to the southeast and west of the Greek capital, but the fronts were still active and easily reignited by strong winds.

matt drakeJuly 18, 2023 5:38 PM


Watch live: Smoke rises from intensifying wildfires north of Athens

andy gregoryJuly 18, 2023 17:02


Areas of Europe on red alert for heat

The EU emergency response coordination center issued red alerts for high temperatures for most of Italy, northeast Spain, Croatia, Serbia, southern Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

There are fears of a repeat of last year’s heat deaths, when an estimated 61,000 people may have died in Europe alone.

“Temperatures in North America, Asia and across North Africa and the Mediterranean will be above 40°C for an extended number of days this week as the heat wave intensifies,” the Meteorological Organization said. World.

Overnight low temperatures were also expected to reach new highs, the UN weather agency said, creating the risk of increased cases of heart attacks and deaths.

“While most of the attention is focused on daytime highs, it is nighttime temperatures that carry the greatest health risks, especially for vulnerable populations,” he said.

andy gregoryJuly 18, 2023 16:29


Temperature record broken in Rome

Rome has endured a new record high temperature of 41.8°C, the local Lazio region’s weather service reported.

The previous record of 40.7C was set in June 2022. That temperature was exceeded in several parts of Rome on Tuesday, with a weather station in the eastern suburbs recording the new high.


andy gregoryJuly 18, 2023 16:07


Incredible satellite images reveal the magnitude of the heat wave across Europe

The European Space Agency has released satellite photos illustrating the exceptional heat wave in southern Europe as global temperatures soar to alarming levels and records are expected to be broken.

One of the Copernicus Sentinel-3 satellite images captured on Sunday reveals a clear view of cloudless Greece, while another uses data from the mission’s Radiometer instrument to show land surface temperatures over Europe and parts of North Africa on the first day of the recent Heat Waves.

My colleague Tara Cobham You have the full report and images here:

andy gregoryJuly 18, 2023 4:00 p.m.


Heat record in Catalonia with temperatures exceeding 45°C

Catalonia’s heat record has been broken when temperatures soared above 45°C near the Spanish-French border, provisional data suggests.

Data from the region’s public meteorological service showed that the mercury reached 45.1 °C in Darnius on Tuesday, an increase well above the previous record of the measurement network of 43.8 °C, set in Alcarràs during the wave June 2019 heat.

Prior to that, temperatures of 45 °C were manually measured in August 1987 and July 1982.

On Tuesday, more than 25 regions of Catalonia were under red alert for extreme heat, the Barcelona public channel said.

andy gregoryJuly 18, 2023 15:32


Hundreds evacuated as Swiss hillside is engulfed by forest fire

A wildfire in Switzerland forced the evacuation of more than 200 people, with authorities warning that the fire could take days or weeks to be fully extinguished.

Some 150 firefighters, police, troops and other emergency teams, backed by helicopters, are battling the bushfire that has engulfed a mountainside in the southwest region of Wallis, evacuating residents of four towns and villages in the area. .

Mario Schaller, the official in charge of firefighting operations, said the fire has spread to 100 hectares of forest. Despite large amounts of smoke, the fire began to die down Tuesday but could easily spread if winds pick up again, authorities said.

“Nobody has been hurt so far, no buildings have been damaged,” Schaller said.

A Rotex helicopter fills its bucket with water over the Gibidum dam to extinguish the forest fire over the municipalities of Bitsch and Ried-Moerel


andy gregoryJuly 18, 2023 15:16


Simultaneous heatwaves have increased sixfold since the 1980s, says UN adviser

There has been a six-fold increase in simultaneous heat waves in the last four decades, according to the World Meteorological Society.

In a report on Monday, the United Nations weather agency said a committee of experts had verified the accuracy of the European heat record of 48.8°C set in August 2021 in Sicily, which forecasters expect will be broken in the following days. The previous verified record of 48C was set in Athens in 1977.

“These are not the normal weather systems of the past. They have arrived as a consequence of climate change,” said John Nairn, WMO’s senior adviser on extreme heat. “It’s global warming, and it’s going to continue for some time.”

Nairn noted a six-fold increase in simultaneous heat waves since the 1980s, “and the trend line is not changing.”

andy gregoryJuly 18, 2023 2:48 PM

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