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Reviving Timeless Beauty: Latest Exhibit Unveils Ancient Art Forms at the Gallery

Encaustic painting, an ancient form of art that dates back over 2,000 years, will be on display this spring at Danville’s Village Theatre and Art Gallery. This exhibition, entitled “Convergence: The Intersection of Wax, Color & Design, An Exploration of Encaustic Art,” showcases the works of local Bay Area artists who use heated beeswax and pigment to create unique visual effects. The exhibition will be free from March 25 to May 26, with an opening night reception from 4 to 6 p.m.

According to Marija Nelson Bleier, the visual arts coordinator at Village Theatre Gallery, encaustic painting has a subtlety and quietness that makes it a fascinating and unique art form. The gallery relies on a cultural committee of local volunteers with an art background to select exhibitions, and they were amazed by the talents of local encaustic artists.

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One thing that appeals to the curatorial committee about this exhibit is that encaustic painting is a different kind of art form from traditional painting, Bleier explains. The intricate and demanding process behind making encaustic art involves heating beeswax to fuse or melt it with pure pigment colours, creating unique visual effects that cannot be seen in photographs.

Because of the layering and 3D elements, each piece of encaustic-style art is unique and can look different in person from its 2D image. “It’s something that you can’t see in photographs because of the layering and the wax,” Bleier said. “You can spend a lot of time looking at one piece. This is an exhibit where you can come back multiple times and keep experiencing something new every time.”

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Encaustic-style art requires additional tools and safety gear such as goggles, gloves, and a blowtorch. Due to the nature of the medium, each piece created can be a surprise, and the artist may not have full control over the final result. But this lack of control makes encaustic painting so interesting and unique.

The Village Theatre Gallery always looks for new and eye-opening art forms to bring to Danville. Bleier explains that they aim to allow the community and visitors to the gallery to enjoy art and learn about different art forms. “We have a real interest in changing things. We’re always trying to show things that are new, or you wouldn’t see otherwise,” Bleier said.

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The encaustic painting exhibition is an excellent opportunity to learn about and appreciate an ancient art form. Visitors to the Village Theatre and Art Gallery will be able to immerse themselves in the striking visuals created by local Bay Area artists, experiencing something new every time they return. So be sure to mark your calendars and attend this fantastic exhibition.

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