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Excitement is building for the 2023 Women’s World Cup as 32 nations are in their final stages of preparation for the tournament to be held in Australia and New Zealand.

England and the USA are the favorites to win the biggest prize in women’s football, while France and Australia will be looking for a bit of luck to lead them to an unlikely triumph.

They will also be hoping to get the touch of green in terms of decisions made by the match officials, with the referees and their assistants sure to have an impact on the fate of the teams at certain points in the tournament.

The Sporting News takes a look at all the referees, assistant referees and VARs that will watch the 64 matches at the Women’s World Cup.

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Referees for the Women’s World Cup 2023: complete list of referees

fifa Announced the complete list of officials who will participate in the Women’s World Cup on January 9.

There are 33 main referees, 55 assistant referees and 19 video match officials managing VAR.

These include representatives from all confederations, with UEFA being the one with the most officials in the tournament.

Referees at the 2023 Women’s World Cup

Referee Country
kate jacewicz Australia
Casey Rebel Australia
yoshimi yamashita JPN
oh hyeon jeong KOR
Kim Yu Jeong KOR
bouchra karaboubi SEA
Salima Mukansanga APR
akhona makalima RSA
Vincentia Amedome garnish
Marie Soleil Beaudoin CAN
myriam marcotte CAN
Marianela Araya CDN
Melissa Borjas hon
katia garcia Mexico
katja koroleva USA
tori thought USA
Laura Fortunato ARG
Edina Alves Batista SUPPORT
Maria Carvajal CHI
Anahi Fernandez URU
Emikar Calderas Barrera COME
Anna-Marie Keighley NZL
ivana martini CRO
Galician cardigan ENG
Stephanie Frappart FRA
Lina Lehtovaara FIN
Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi ITA
Iuliana Demetrescu rou
marta huerta de aza ENG
tess olofson SUE
Esther Staubli SWI
katerina monzul United Kingdom
cheryl foster WALL

Assistant referees at the 2023 Women’s World Cup

refer Country
joanna charaktis Australia
Sarah Ho May Yee Australia
Xie Li Jun CHN
makoto bozono JPN
Naomi Teshirogi JPN
ramina tsoi KGZ
heba saadia PLEASE
Kim Kyoung-min KOR
Misum Park KOR
Lee Seul-yo KOR
Carine Atezambong Fomo RMC
fanta kone MLI
queen Victoria magnetic resonance
soukaina hamdi SEA
Fatiha Jermoumi SEA
Diana Chikotesha ZAM
chantal boudreau CAN
Shirley Perello hon
Stephanie Yee Sing JAM
Enedina Caudillo Mexico
Karen Diaz Medina Mexico
sandra ramirez Mexico
mijensa rensch SOUTH
felisha marshal USA
brooke may USA
kathryn nesbitt USA
mariana de almedia ARG
daiana milone ARG
Neuza Back SUPPORT
Leila Moreira da Cruz SUPPORT
Loreto Toloza CHI
Leslie Vasquez CHI
Maria Blanco Bolivar COLUMN
Monica Amoya ecu
Migdalia Rodriguez Chirino COME
Sarah Jones NZL
Mary Salamasina Sam
Sanja Rodak-Karisc CRO
Polizeni Irodotou CYP
lucia ratajova CZE
Natalia Aspinall ENG
karolin kaivoja its T
elodie coppola FRA
Manuela Nicholas FRA
katrin rafalski Germany
Chrysoula Kourompylia gre
Anita Vlad HUN
francesca di monte ITA
Michelle O’Neill GONNA
frank overtoom NET
Paulina Baranowska POL
mihaela tepusa rou
Guadalupe Porras Ayuso ENG
Susana Kung SWI
Mariana Striletska United Kingdom

VAR officials at the 2023 Women’s World Cup

The Women’s World Cup will also feature VAR in every match, the second time video officials will be used after debuting at the 2019 tournament.

There has been an increase from 15 VAR operators to 19 in Australia and New Zealand.

Six of the VAR officers are women.

Referee Country
chris beath Australia
Abdullah Al-Marri QAT
Mohamed Taqi SIN
carol anne chenard CAN
drew fischer CAN
Tatiana Guzman IAS
Armando Villarreal USA
Salome Di Iorio ARG
Daiane Muniz dos Santos SUPPORT
nicholas gallo COLUMN
juan soto COME
she devries BEL
Sian Massey-Ellis ENG
frame fritz Germany
massimiliano irrati ITA
Pol van Boekel NET
Alexander Hernandez Hernandez ENG
Juan Martinez Munuera ENG

Who refereed the 2019 Women’s World Cup final?

French official Stephanie Frappart refereed the 2019 Women’s World Cup final between the United States and the Netherlands.

The USA won the match 2-0 thanks to two goals in eight minutes of the second half, one of them a penalty awarded after a VAR review, as Frappart initially allowed a kick to Stefanie van der’s shoulder. Gragt will go unpunished. He handed out three yellow cards during the match.

Frappart is one of the most respected referees in the sport and has achieved several firsts as a referee. She took charge of the 2019 UEFA Super Cup match between Liverpool and Chelsea and made her men’s Champions League debut a year later when Juventus faced Dynamo Kyiv.

A regular fixture in men’s Ligue 1 matches, Frappart refereed the 2022 French Cup final between Nice and Nantes and closed the year as the main referee for the 2022 men’s World Cup match between Germany and Costa Rica.

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