Pac-12 in Talks with The CW to Showcase Select Games Amid TV Revenue Competition

Pac-12 in Talks with The CW to Showcase Select Games Amid TV Revenue Competition

The Pac-12 is reportedly exploring a new deal with The CW network to broadcast a small package of college football games in an effort to compete with other major leagues for TV revenue.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the Pac-12 has been in discussions with The CW, a joint venture between CBS and Warner Bros., about the possibility of showcasing select games during the upcoming season.

The move comes as the Pac-12 looks to increase its TV revenue amidst stiff competition from other major leagues like the SEC, Big Ten, and ACC. While the conference already has a broadcast agreement in place with ESPN and Fox, it is seeking additional avenues to showcase its games and increase exposure for its teams.

The CW is seen as a potential partner for the Pac-12 because of its reach among younger viewers and its focus on programming geared towards the 18-34 demographic. The network has a loyal fan base for its superhero shows like “The Flash,” “Arrow,” and “Supergirl,” and has also found success with its lineup of reality TV shows.

While the specifics of the potential deal are still being worked out, it is expected that The CW would broadcast a limited number of Pac-12 games during the upcoming season. The games would likely be aired on Saturday nights and would be promoted heavily during the network’s prime time programming.

For the Pac-12, the potential partnership with The CW would provide an additional platform to showcase its teams and would help the conference to compete with other major leagues for TV revenue. The deal could also help to increase the profile of Pac-12 football among younger viewers, a demographic that is becoming increasingly important for sports leagues and broadcasters alike.

Overall, the Pac-12’s discussions with The CW are a sign of the conference’s continued efforts to stay competitive in the ever-changing landscape of college football and TV broadcasting. With the upcoming season fast approaching, it remains to be seen whether the two parties will reach a deal and how it will impact the Pac-12’s position in the TV revenue race.

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