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Rugby World Cup 2023 betting preview: Top Seeds Ireland face tough challenge

as the long awaited Rugby World Cup 2023 approaches, fans and sports enthusiasts eagerly scrutinize the odds and place their bets on the teams they believe will emerge victorious. With Ireland leading the way as world number one, expectations are high.

However, their path to glory is fraught with challenges, including a difficult group stage and the prospect of facing formidable opponents in the knockout stages, including France/New Zealand. the ultimate rugby award.

Betting on the Rugby World Cup 2023:

The straight betting odds for the Rugby World Cup 2023 reveal some very close competition, with several strong contenders in the mix.

Current favourites, New Zealand and France, are at odds of 5/2, reflecting the strength of these rugby powerhouses.

They are closely followed by reigning champions South Africa with 9/2, while Ireland, despite her top seed status, is at odds of 5/1. England and Australia are also close behind, at odds of 7/1 and 8/1 respectively.

Meanwhile, Argentina, Scotland, Wales, Fiji and others face more challenging odds.

Group stage predictions:

Group A:

In Pool A, hosts France (8/11) and perennial favorite New Zealand (even money) are expected to dominate. Both teams possess exceptional talent and a rich history of success, making this group a battleground for rugby supremacy. Their clash is likely to determine the group winner, with the runners-up set to face a challenging knockout match.

B Group:

Group B features Ireland (5/6), the defending champions, South Africa (5/4) and Scotland (7/1). Ireland will face a tough challenge from the Springboks, who are renowned for their physical prowess and strategic prowess. Scotland, although considered underdogs, cannot be underestimated. This group promises fierce competition and unpredictable results. Johnny Sexton is expected to be fit for the group matches.

johnny sacristan
johnny sacristan

Group C:

Australia (3/10) enter Pool C as clear favourites, with their formidable squad and impressive record. Wales (5/2) pose a credible threat, possessing a well-rounded squad capable of causing surprises. Fiji (16/1) can prove to be a wild card, capable of surprising their opponents with their flair and attacking style.

Group D:

Group D is headed by England (1/3), the 2003 Rugby World Cup winners, who are the favorites to progress comfortably. Argentina (5/2) will be their main challenger, armed with a talented team that has shown flashes of brilliance. Japan (1/20) and other teams in the group face an uphill battle to secure qualification.

Betting Tips

England look for the value of the bet coming from the easier side of the draw.

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