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If the United States has Silicon Valley, Korea has PanGyo Valley. As if to prove this, about 1,900 companies from 108 countries around the world applied, and 41 were selected after a double screening, and 41 of them participated in the ‘K- program to promote excellent foreign technology start-ups in Korea from October 31 to November 2 last year. Startup Grand Challenge 2023’ Demo Day was held. Among them, the top 20 teams will be provided with additional settlement subsidies, and in addition, additional incubation and networking for domestic startup planners and office space at the PanGyo startup location will be provided until the first half of 2024 so that they can upgrade their business models. Korea supports opportunities to become world technology leaders not only in K-POP but also in K-STARTUP GRAND.

K-STARTUP GRAND CHALLENGER Pangyo office/ Courtesy of beSUCCESS.

Silicon Valley, where Microsoft and Apple first started, may be meaningful, but with the development and changes of the times, the reason why we now think of it as PanGyoValley in Korea rather than there is simple. From MS computers and Apple smartphones to home appliances to robots, everything now has a semiconductor computing core. Semiconductors are an important core component in everything from civil airplanes and fighter jets to aerospace, ships, rockets, and automobiles. Korea is a technology powerhouse that develops ultra-high-tech technologies in each field, including AI semiconductors, and new concept quantum computers. Recently, Ai Chat GPT microprocessors, memory chips, and graphics processing units (GPUs) are semiconductor chips used in computers to process big data and improve the performance of LLM to ensure user experience.

We must rely heavily on semiconductors today and in the future to facilitate industrial growth and communication. Semiconductor chips control the functions of the user’s thoughts, and the versatility of semiconductors enables seamless communication between different platforms and applications. It also provides innovations that make products more efficient and convenient, and semiconductor chips are embedded in home appliances to control automation functions to provide improved functionality and stability. Additionally, with the embedding of AI chatbot capabilities in smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), semiconductor chips continue to evolve to meet the needs of modern consumers. However, the creative ideas of SW are needed at the core of semiconductor chips that provide innovations that make these products more efficient and convenient.

Generating ideas is essential for a business to survive and grow. As market and technological change accelerates, entrepreneurs must continually innovate to compete, grow, and remain relevant to customers. Ideas are the driving force of business, and successful business owners find ways to generate ideas and incorporate adaptability. This creativity leads to successful businesses, their owners become game changers, and excellent startups become billionaires. founders Johann(left) and Cenk(right)

To become a game changer, it is important to collect data from existing academic papers and research projects and organize them by taking notes of creative ideas. We need to find new technologies and new ideas. As a way to find ideas, it is essential to refer to the content recorded in academic papers, compare basic ideas, think differently, and come up with advanced methods. about 1,900 companies from 108 countries around the world applied for the K-STARTUP GRAND, and 41 of them were selected. is a notable company that uses AI chat to search for ideas where universities and researchers around the world present their research results in academic papers. It is about 30 times faster and easier to find than the GPT era.

In Korea, the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers (IEIE), the Korean Mathematical Society (KMS), the Korean Physical Society (KPS), the Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE), and the Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK) Each university, including the Institute of Korea and the Korean Medical Association (KMA), comes up with creative ideas and even students in middle and high schools who challenge themselves with game-changing ideas find data in the direction they want and research it before others. It will be important for members and corporate research institutes to find new ideas. OA (Open Access) will contribute to the development of a high-tech society by collecting creative ideas by finding academic papers and research in these specific fields.

Demo day for 41company K-STARTUP GREND challengers/Courtesy of beSUCCESS.

Since the announcement of Open AI’s Sam Altman’s Chat GPT, surprising changes have occurred in the new world. The popularity of ChatGPT is worldwide. More than Newton’s scientific revolution, which discovered the law of universal gravitation, or the digital revolution of the smartphone, the greatest invention of the 21st century, ChatGPT will be able to take humanity to the future once again. The basis for this is that it has accelerated people’s knowledge learning. There are about 8 billion people in the world, and about 20% of them are young people who are learning, and about 1.6 billion people have the same level of knowledge thanks to ChatGPT. Now, what is needed is a new level of creativity that only humans can think of and intuition based on more knowledge.

ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a pre-trained transformer for chatting with conversational artificial intelligence (AI). It is an interactive artificial intelligence model based on the large language model (LLM). Generative artificial intelligence is trained by sending a huge bundle of data (using differentiation and vectors) to the computer through fine-tuning learning in which humans provide the computer with questions and answers in advance, such as pre-training models, that is, pre-learning and teacher learning. It was ordered. In addition, the deep learning deep neural network of reinforcement learning, which even evaluates the training results by praising the computer for what it did well and encouraging it to do better at what it did poorly, has been strengthened with an algorithm called Transformer. If a quantum computer based on the concept of superconductivity is discovered in Korea, the world will change again. K-STARTUP GRAND is a place that can make these creative technologies a reality.

AIChatGPT cannot think of creative ideas. This is something only humans can do., based on LLM with approximately 245 million academic paper data, was adopted by the Korean Government K-STARTUP GRAND CHALLENGE. At, where humans can think of creative new ideas, you will be able to think and research new futures, find creative ideas, and take on challenges quickly. IIT, which attracts exceptionally talented people from India, which has a population of about 1.4 billion, will now be able to consider Korea’s Master’s program more than MIT or Stanford in the United States. I am grateful to the Korean government for supporting the opportunity to lead the world not only in K-POP but also in K-STARTUP GRAND. And we send infinite blessings to the young and innovative young people who have new research ideas and are challenging the game changers of the future.

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