Nyanza Region Games Moved Due to Azimio – Nation Protests

Nyanza Region High School’s second-term games, which were due to start Thursday at Maranda High School in Bondo, have been postponed to Saturday.

The move was taken by the Nyanza Regional Secondary Schools Sports Association and security agencies following planned nationwide demonstrations called by the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition from Wednesday to Friday.

After a meeting on Monday afternoon, the association’s secretary, Thomas Odhiambo, instructed all teams preparing for the regional championships to hold out until a decision is made by the Regional Director of Education, Mr. Nelson Sifuna. .

According to Mr. Ngala Mbuor, vice president of the regional sports associations, the tournament will now start from Saturday to Tuesday.

“After much consideration regarding the safety of our beloved students, the Nyanza Region High School Sports Association has resolved to postpone the start of Thursday to Saturday. This is due to the nationwide demonstrations that are expected to start on Wednesday, the same day that schools across Nyanza were scheduled to travel to Bondo, Siaya County,” Mr Mbuor said.

He pointed out that they do not want to risk the lives of students and teachers. Referees are to arrive Saturday at 9 am for the liaison clinics at Maranda High School.

“The schools will arrive on Saturday and the first matches will be played on the same day in the afternoon. All the group stage matches will be completed on Sunday and the knockout matches will be played on Monday. The matches will end on Tuesday with the finals,” said Mr. Mbuor.

Protests called by opposition chief Raila Odinga are likely to paralyze transport services, as the Nyanza region has recently witnessed demonstrations in all six counties.

There have been violent protests in Kisumu, Siaya, Migori, Homa Bay, Kisii and Nyamira counties resulting in deaths, injuries and a complete paralysis of transport.

This can make it difficult for established teams to move into the tournament.

Group A-St Mary’s Yala, Nyabondo, Cardenal Otunga
Group B- Kisii School, Ambira, Homa Bay High
Group C-Maseno School, Gekano, Kanga
Group D- Agoro Sare, Anjego, Enkinda

GROUP A – Kobala, Gekomoni, Kerongori
Ikonge PAG, Koru
Group B: Lwak, Agongo, Nyakach, Ratanga

GROUP A- Usenge Ndonyo, Matutu, Onjiko
GROUP B- Kisumu Day, Masara, Agosor Sare, St Marys Yala

GROUP A – Nyakongo, Nyakembeni, Ikonge PAG, Koru
GROUP B- Nyakach, Ogande, Sagegi, St Cecilia Aluor Girls

GROUP A – Raliew, Godbura, Sagegi, Chulaimbo
GROUP B – Onjiko, Itumbe, Gekano, Nyangoma

GROUP A- Chianda, Ototo, Nyansiongo
GROUP B – Agoro sare, Ekenyoro, Usenge
GROUP C – Nyanchwa, Maseno, Migori Boys
GROUP D – Onjiko, Kanyawanga, Kisii School

GROUP A- Nyakach, Asumbi, Ulanda
GROUP B – Ototo, Tuk Jowi, St Baranabas
GROUP C – Barchando, Rigoma, Suneka
GROUP D – Ekenyoro, Kereri, Ngíya

POOL A – Kobala, Ayora, Oyugi Ogango, Kandaria
POOL B – Obambo, Rirumi, Nyakach, Nyabera

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