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NUWC Newport’s Chief Technology Officer Wins Business Award

The Chief Technology Officer of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division in Newport, Rhode Island, has been awarded the 2023 Providence Business News CTO of the Year Award. The award recognizes outstanding achievements in technology innovation and leadership in the local business community.

Dr. Karen Ballard was recognized for her contributions to the development of new technologies and her leadership in driving innovation at NUWC Newport. Her work has been instrumental in advancing the Navy’s undersea capabilities and ensuring the readiness of its fleet.

As the CTO, Dr. Ballard is responsible for overseeing the center’s technology strategy and ensuring that it aligns with the Navy’s goals and objectives. She has been a driving force behind many of NUWC Newport’s most important technology initiatives, including the development of advanced sonar systems and underwater communication technologies.

Dr. Ballard has also been instrumental in promoting diversity and inclusion in the technology field. She has worked to create a more inclusive culture at NUWC Newport and has helped to mentor and support women and minorities in the field.

The Providence Business News CTO of the Year Award is a prestigious recognition of Dr. Ballard’s contributions to the field of technology and her leadership at NUWC Newport. Her work is helping to ensure that the Navy remains at the forefront of undersea technology and that its fleet is prepared for any mission.

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