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Miami, Florida–(Newsfile Corp. – December 7, 2023) – This year’s Art Basel is set to experience an unparalleled fusion of art, culture, and wellness as theART-Dept. joins forces with Pavan Bahl & Uzo Udu from NRVLD and the iconic Surfcomber Hotel. The founders of theART-Dept, Keith Botha and Greg Bean are producing and curating the lounge to bring an electrifying energy back to Miami with a week-long celebration of art and well-being.

Greg Bean (left) and Keith Botha (right)

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From December 6th to the 10th, The Art Dept Lounge will transform the Surfcomber Hotel into a dynamic canvas of expression. Multiple artists will showcase their work with installations, brand activations, live paintings, and immersive art experiences. Viewers will have the chance to experience firsthand as their art comes to life, creating an ambiance that transcends traditional gallery settings.

In collaboration with Mira From Miami, a well-known local artist and street art and fashion icon, theART-Dept. strives to promote local artists and give them a platform to showcase and demonstrate their artists skills. Over 15 art activations have been organized by theART-Dept. throughout the week, featuring the works of more than 25 artists at the lounge. Notable brands on the property include Barry’s, Baileys, Therabody, Startag, and Playground.

“The event encourages community participation with multiple walls available for painting, providing attendees with the opportunity to showcase their creativity and get their neon on.” – Keith Botha, co-founder of theART-Dept.

Pink Dog

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The featured artists are a carefully curated list, including Sheila Darcey’s “Sketchpoetic” leading daily art readings and flow state creations. Zhovak, Pink Dog, Alex Alpert, MR Motion, Meta Betties, Mira, J.O. Jerusalem, and Kavi will be offering art activations and live performances. Artists showcasing their work include Lauren Altman, Adam Vlux, Mary Lai, Jenny Chandler, Amy Smith, Luther, and Bijan Machen.


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Lauren Altman

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“A personal invitation into my weird and wonderful world to discover the possibilities of playing with old clothes, paint, beads, and even compost…they are a reminder that we all have something special and unique that we bring into this world.” – Lauren Altman, artist.

“As the official art and experience curators for the week, theART-Dept., along with its esteemed partners, invites the Miami community to join in this extraordinary celebration of art, culture, and well-being.”

Sheila Darcey’s Garden of Healing:

Where art becomes a healing force, guests will be immersed in the therapeutic embrace of Sheila Darcey’s Garden of Healing Art Installation. The rhythmic dance of colors and forms guides viewers through a journey of introspection and renewal.

Sheila Darcey

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Mira and Startag:

Experience live artistry as Mira brings her unique vision to life with partners Startag. The live art, artsy disk golf, and body art create a fusion of starlight and imagination. Engage with awe-inspiring art installations that blur the lines between reality and fantasy.


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Location: Surfcomber Hotel, 1717 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Exhibition Hours:

The Art Dept Lounge: December 6-10, 10 am – 8 pm
Sheila Darcey’s Garden of Healing: December 6-10, 1 pm – 5 pm daily
Mira and Startag Showcase: Daily throughout the event

Live Performances on Saturday:
Jason Naylor and Ross Pino’s fashion show (8 pm – 8:30 pm)
J.O. Jerusalem (9 pm – 10 pm)
Meta Betties (10 pm – 11 pm)
Mira, Mr. Motion, Zhovak, Sheila Darsey, Sarah Main, The Bliksem Boys, Rocsol, Porti, Manu Manu, and more.

NRVLD’s The Art of Wellness activations offer moments of reprieve for guests during the fast-paced week of Art Basel Miami Beach. Art Of Wellness creates an inclusive community for guests to focus on their mental and physical health by participating in an array of wellness sessions. From meditation to fitness, art to dance, Art of Wellness is a community space to gather and enjoy a balanced approach to Art Basel Miami Beach.


Founded by Greg Bean and Keith Botha, theART-Dept. is a three-story creative space operating near the nucleus of LA’s famous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. The space also functions as a creative advisory platform capable of remote curation and pop-ups, as well as an online, simplified, direct-to-consumer sales platform. In addition, theART-Dept. is also a Web 3.0 collective featuring over 15 artists.

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