Nick Kyrgios starts his tennis TV commentary career off with a joke that BOMBS as he reveals where he’s at wit – Daily Mail

By James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

02:38 16 Nov 2023, updated 03:08 16 Nov 2023

  • Kyrgios’ commentary gag falls flat
  • Star debuted on the Tennis Channel
  • Says he is keen to return to tennis

Controversial Aussie tennis star Nick Kyrgios has kicked off his TV commentary career with a poor attempt at humour, before revealing how ‘hungry’ he is to return to the court.

Kyrgios has played just one match in 2023 after knee surgery ruled him out of the Australian Open, then a wrist injury derailed plans for a Wimbledon return and tilt at the US Open.

Despite being out of action, the 28-year-old landed a job commentating on the end-of-season World Tour Finals in Turin, and on Thursday he stepped into the booth for the round-robin match between Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev.

Kyrgios appeared in good spirits, joining Jim Courier and Brett Haber on the Tennis Channel, but his opening joke fell flat.

When asked what he was doing in LA, the 2022 Wimbledon finalist replied: ‘I was getting a coffee and saw you guys. You had a spare suit, a spare microphone, and here I am.’

Kyrgios has landed himself a new tennis gig in the commentary box for the Tennis Channel

Rumours have circulated that he may be close to retiring from the sport, but the firebrand rejected that as he insisted he is ‘hungry’ to get back on the court.

‘I’m doing everything I am to get back out there,’ he said.

‘Every day, doing the rehab, doing the gym work, but to be here, to be able to watch the match we’re about to watch … I’m really looking forward to breaking it down for everyone out there.’

The ATP Finals see the world’s top eight players face off in a round robin format to crown the best player of the season – and Kyrgios believes he’s uniquely qualified to commentate.

‘I love watching tennis. I feel like I’m a bit of a student of a game,’ Kyrgios said. 

‘I watch my own film, I have my own tactics … I’ve played these guys a lot, and I know what they’re going to be doing under pressure. I know how to have success, and equally, what their strengths are.

‘Your whole year is work going into it, so I think there’s added pressure, and you want to finish off the year in good style. 

Kyrgios only played one game so far in 2023 but says he is working hard on his rehab
The Aussie Wimbledon finalist says he has been very impressed with Carlos Alcarax

‘All these guys have had probably the best seasons in the world, and they want to go out with a bang.’

When asked by Courier if anything surprised him about the 2023 season, Kyrgios praised young talent Carlos Alcaraz.

‘I think we all knew Alcaraz was going to be a bit of a stud at some stage,’ he said.

‘But to be this young and dominating the way he has is incredible.’

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