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Brandon Staley’s Chargers are talented and are also coming off a 27-point blown playoff lead, not to mention still looking for top-tier defense. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

NFL head coaches lose their jobs every year. Sometimes it’s in the middle of the season, sometimes it’s near the end, and sometimes after the season ends. That means there are a number of managers facing pressure as they head into the 2023 training camps.

Some have had multiple bad seasons that could lead to their firing at any time, and others could be out with management after stagnating or failing to make good rosters. Here, we’ll take a look at eight managers who are entering this season in the hot seat, and take a quick temperature check, on a scale of one to five, with five being the hottest, before their respective clubs open training ground. .

Brandon Staley, Los Angeles Chargers

Staley’s seat heated up considerably after the 2022 season when the The Chargers blew a 27-0 lead and lost in the AFC wild card round. Despite an incredibly talented offense led by justin herbert, Los Angeles has not won a playoff game in Staley’s two seasons. Worse yet, the defense finished 26th in DVOA in 2021 and only 16th last season. He’ll likely get one more shot with the same team, but with the addition of offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and first-round wide receiver. Quentin Johnston. A playoff appearance should be the bare minimum.

Seat heat: 🔥🔥🔥

Stefanski likely got a mulligan for the 2022 season. The Browns had just traded for Deshaun Watson, was without it for 11 games while serving a suspension, and went 7-10 on the year. That leniency shouldn’t be applied in 2023, though. Cleveland not only has Watson for (possibly) an entire slate of games, but he also got added on offense when he traded for the former. new york jets receiver Elijah Moore. Stefanski will face tough competition in the AFC North, but at some point, top management will want to see improvements. The Browns have lost more games each year since Stefanski went 11-5 and won a playoff game in his first season.

Seat heat: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

McDaniels needs this year to work. He and general manager Dave Ziegler traded quarterback Derek Carr for Jimmy Garroppolo, traded tight end Darren Waller and i might not have run back joseph jacobswho supposedly resist instead franchise tag sign. Receiver Davante Adams is still here and the team added a pass rusher Tyree Wilsonbut McDaniels likely needs a playoff boost to save his job or risk failing as head coach a second time.

Seat heat: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Josh McDaniels has yet to finish above .500 as an NFL head coach.  (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)

Josh McDaniels has yet to finish above .500 as an NFL head coach. (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)

Vrabel appeared to win the power struggle between himself and ex-GM Jon Robinson, but now he’s heading into dicey waters with a shaky roster and resurgence Jacksonville Jaguars in his division. The addition of the receiver andre hopkins It’s huge for offense, but that doesn’t change the fact that Tennessee blew its division lead with a seven-game losing streak at the end of the 2022 season. Vrabel is a good coach, but non-rebounding questions will arise this season.

Seat heat: 🔥🔥🔥

The Cowboys’ head coach is always in the dugout, especially if he’s just been given the keys to run the offense like McCarthy did this year. Dallas has made the playoffs in back-to-back seasons for the first time since 2007 in the last two years, and a trip back to the divisional round is probably the minimum expectation for them. That doesn’t mean anything short will lead to McCarthy’s exit, but it certainly doesn’t mean he’s safe either. His safety will depend in part on his success this season in his first as the team’s main playmaker.

Seat heat: 🔥🔥

Despite a report that Belichick’s job security has had “varying levels of warmth since 2019,” it’s likely the Patriots won’t fire the architect of the franchise’s six Super Bowl titles and 20-year-old dynasty simply because of a few mediocre seasons. A reckoning will surely come, but it’s not like the Patriots have been bad since Tom Brady left. they have won at least seven games each season since 2020, something certain teams would love to claim. Belichick’s time in the NFL will end, but probably on his own terms.

Seat heat: 🔥

Bowles is heading into his second season as the Buccaneers’ head coach, but it will be his first without Tom Brady. That’s a scary situation for anyone, but even more so for Bowles considering Tampa Bay didn’t even have a winning record in Bowles’ first year and last year under Brady; they made the playoffs due to a weak division, but were beaten by the Cowboys. The defense is still solid, but the offense is a mess with no clear path after Brady. Bowles may not need to win many games, but he needs to show that the team can remain competitive even without a good quarterback.

Seat heat: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

This is purely about owning a new franchise. Rivera is a quality coach who has navigated rough waters during his three years in Washington. But the Commanders have never had a winning record with him at the helm. That could mean something to the new owners, who could look to install someone they believe in if Rivera doesn’t show improvement this year.

Seat heat: 🔥🔥

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