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“I know who I am, and you can go back and take half of those drops off.” Prescott said, via “I’m not saying it’s on the receiver, but if you cut it in half, then we start talking about it, nobody’s talking about it.”

Prescott said he hopes to be on the same page more often with his receiving corps with the HC settings. Mike McCarthy is committing the offense.

“Some of it is the offense and they understand exactly where we are.” Prescott added. “Mike does an amazing job with those guys. They know where to be and why to be there when they look at them. That’s going to be a big leap. I won’t have 10 interceptions this year.”


Now with the Jaguars as head coach, Doug Pederson was the head coach of the Eagles during QB jalen hurts‘ rookie season and told the media he’s not surprised Hurts has become a superstar so quickly.

“Is really I’m not surprised the success Jalen is having right now and I only wish him the best moving forward.” Pederson said John Clark of “But the things that impressed me the most are probably the things you see outside the football field. His leadership ability, his work ethic, the way he approaches the game, the way he studies the game, the way he wants to be trained, he wants to be trained hard. The things that sometimes fans don’t see. They obviously see the final product on the soccer field. And he is a tremendous kid and a tremendous talent. He is the right person for that job and I only wish him much success in the future.”


OL Giants Marcos Glowinski believe QB daniel jones will go a step further this season after signing a long-term contract with the franchise. Glowinski adds that he will take the pressure off Jones so he can come out and play loose.

I think it’s going to be an even better season now that he has… that little sense of relief in that he doesn’t have to prove (anything) to anybody and now he can just go out there and have fun and kick a–,Glowinski said, via “And I think that’s what was shown last year.

Glowinski added that he felt Jones was pushing early in the season, but as Jones saw himself and the team succeeding, he began to gain a bit of arrogance.

He did a great job, especially coming off the last two years where he had a different coach,Glowinsky said. “And even with last year, he had a new coach. So he’s, you can tell early in the season, he had a little bit of a tension in him, where he wanted to make sure he was on the right track all the time. And I think, you know, for something simple to me, he would just tell him to try to stay relaxed and have as much fun as he can. And I felt like every game that we were winning, he was opening up a little more and you’d see a little more fire in him and more and more and that arrogance was coming out. And there was a lot of fun that was played out last season.

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