New referee courses to take place next month – Munster Rugby

The search for new referees is underway across the province and the next courses for new members of the Munster Referees Association have been set for Saturday 19 August, Monday 21 August, Tuesday 22 August and Wednesday 23 August. in four different places in the province.

Courses will take place at Cork Constitution FC, Tralee RFC, Dungarvan RFC and the University of Limerick. All courses will take place between 7-9pm.

All those attending these courses will be required to attend a second course on Saturday 26 August at the Munster Rugby HPC at the University of Limerick (time to be confirmed).

To sign up and receive more details, please email Olly Hodges, Munster Referee Development Manager, at or by phone at 086-8596289.

Rugby referees have the best seat in the house, and if keeping fit (referees run six miles in an 80-minute match), traveling, taking part in a lively social scene or getting an adrenaline rush is your idea of ​​a great hobby, rugby refereeing could be for you.

In addition to the obvious benefits, a referee’s constant study of the game enriches the enjoyment of the sport for a lifetime.

If you are interested in taking the next steps and would like to join the referee route, please register your interest with Munster’s Referee Development Manager, Olly Hodges, via email. or by phone 086-8596289.

New referee courses

Date | Saturday August 19

Location | Cork Constitution F.C.

Weather | 7pm-9pm


Date | monday august 21

Location | Tralee R.F.C.

Weather | 7pm-9pm


Date | tuesday august 22

Location | Dungarvan RFC

Weather | 7pm-9pm


Date | Wednesday August 23

Location | university of limerick

Weather | 7pm-9pm

Second course

Date | Saturday August 26

Location | Munster Rugby HPC, University of Limerick

Weather | to be confirmed


The Munster Referees Association (MAR) have also introduced a new category of refereeing to the organization known as ‘County Referees’.

County referees will be members of the Munster Referee Association, but will only referee within their own county.

For more information on becoming a County Referee, please Click here or email Olly Hodges, Munster’s referee development manager, at or call 086-8596289

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