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It’s been almost a month since NBA free agency began, and there have been several clear winners and losers. The Dallas Mavericks certainly qualify first after making several shrewd moves to improve the roster. However, they are not done and have been buying the starting center, JaVale McGee. On the other hand, the Atlanta Hawks have had a relatively quiet offseason, although have been linked to an All-Star recently.

While the Hawks are in the running to acquire a star, if they strike out, they could look to make other deals, including one with the Mavericks. Dallas has already made a couple of moves to address the need for him as a starting center, but their current big men are either tentative options or not ready to contribute right away.

Meanwhile, the Hawks have a good starting center and a cheap replacement waiting in the wings, making the former expendable and Atlanta the perfect trade partner for Dallas. Let’s take a look at a potential trade between the Hawks and Mavericks.

NBA trades: What would a Mavs-Hawks trade look like?

hipsters get

Clint Capela

the hawks get

Richaun Holmes

javale mcgee

2027 First Round Pick (Top 14 Protected)

With stars Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving likely dominating the ball for the Mavericks next season, it seems they want a pair of shooters and an athletic center to go with them. Hawks center Clint Capela fits the bill as an athletic big man who can set up screens and catch lobs from Irving and Doncic. He’s also an excellent rebounder and rim protector and could help Dallas get at least average on defense.

That may seem like a low bar for Dallas, but with a projected high-powered offense, having a respectable defense could be the difference between missing the playoffs again and finishing in the top four. So moving McGee, newly acquired center Richaun Holmes and a scoop down the road makes a lot of sense for Dallas, but it also makes sense for Atlanta.

McGee has an expiring contract and could then be moved for a second-round pick, while Holmes has a player option for next season and would cost $9.4 million less than Capela if he picks his option. Saving more than $10 million over the next two seasons and taking a first-rounder could pay off for the Hawks.

Especially after re-signing star Dejounte Murray to a lucrative extension that takes effect after next season, which would give them one of the most expensive backcourts in NBA history when combined with Trae Young’s contract. . Atlanta has already made a wage settlement move this summer, and they seem to be trying to reshape their roster.

Whether their search for a third star will succeed remains to be seen, but if it fails then this Dallas deal could be a decent fallback plan that would save them money and add assets.

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