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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the inauguration NBA Season TOUrnameNew Testament. For more information read the Season 101 Tournament summary.

What is the NBA Season Tournament?
The NBA Season Tournament is a new annual competition for the 30 teams that will debut in the 2023-24 season.

Why is the NBA adding the Season Tournament?
The Seasonal Tournament will give players and teams another competition to win, engage fans in a new way, and generate additional interest in the early part of the regular season schedule.

When is the Season Tournament?
The Season Opening Tournament will begin on Friday, November 3 and culminate with the Championship on Saturday, December 9.

Where will the Season Tournament be played?
All tournament games will be played in NBA team markets, except for the Semifinals and Championship, which will take place at a neutral site (T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas).

Which teams will participate in the Season Tournament?
The 30 teams will participate in the first stage of the tournament, Group Play. Eight teams will advance to the second and final stage, the single-elimination knockout rounds.

What does the champion of the Season Tournament receive?
The champion will receive a new trophy, the NBA Cup. In addition, a prize pool will be allocated to the players of the teams that qualify for the knockout rounds, with the allocations increasing based on the team’s progress in the tournament.

Will the best players from the Seasonal Tournament be honored?
After the Championship is played, the NBA will name the Season Tournament MVP and the All-Tournament Team. Selection will be based on player performance in both group play and knockout rounds.

What is the group game?
The 30 teams have been randomly drawn into groups of five within their conference based on win-loss records from the 2022-23 regular season. The Lakers have been selected in western group A. Western Group A consists of the Lakers, Grizzlies, Suns, Jazz and Trail Blazers. Each team will play four designated Group Play games: one game against each opponent in their group, with two home games and two road games.

Group Play games will be played on “Tournament Nights,” which will take place every Tuesday and Friday from November 3-28 (with the exception of Election Day on November 7). The only NBA games played on Tournament Nights will be Group Play games.

What are the hours for Group Play?
The game and broadcast schedule for Group Play will be announced in August.

How were the groups determined?
Prior to the group stage draw, each team was placed into a “pot” based on their record from the previous regular season (2022–23). In each conference, one team from each pot was randomly selected in each of the three groups for that conference. Pot 1 had the teams with the three best records from the previous season in one conference, Pot 2 had the teams with the best records from the previous season four through six in one conference, and so on through Pot 5.

Which teams advance to the knockout rounds?
Eight teams will advance to the knockout rounds: the team with the best seed in Group Play games in each of the six groups and one “wild card” team from each conference. The wild card will be the team from each conference with the best record in Group Play games that finishes second in their group.

What are the knockout rounds?
The knockout rounds will consist of single-elimination games in the quarterfinals (December 4 and 5), semifinals (December 7), and championship (December 9).

Why are there two games labeled “TBD” on each team’s 2023-24 regular season schedule?
Each team will play two regular season games (including the quarterfinals of the season tournament and the semifinals for qualified teams) during the week of December 4. The 22 teams that do not qualify for the knockout rounds will play two regular-season games on the tournament’s bye nights that week (December 6 and December 8). The four teams that lose in the quarterfinals will play a regular season.

How can I watch the Season Tournament?
Fourteen Group Play games (two games on each Tournament Night) and all seven Knockout Round games will be nationally televised. The schedule of games and broadcasts for the Group Play phase of the Season Tournament will be announced in August.

Where can I buy tickets for the Season Tournament?
Tickets to the semifinals and the championship at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas can be purchased at Tickets for the group stage games or the quarterfinals, which will be played in the NBA team markets, can be purchased directly through the host team’s ticket provider and will be announced at a later date.

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