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With just two teams left in contention for the 2023 Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, the stakes could not be higher for the Nuggets and the Heat. 

No later than June 18, one team will be crowned the champion of the NBA, while the other will fall just short of its ultimate goal. Not that the players need any extra motivation, but winning a championship also comes with a nice little financial bonus. 

The NBA doesn’t give out prize money for winning a ring, per se, but members of the winning team will receive a tidy payout from the Player Playoff Pool. It’s a system designed to reward teams for advancing further in the playoffs, and it allows them to dole out their earnings as they see fit. 

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While it’s impossible to know exactly how the winnings will be divided, here’s a look into what each team stands to gain by winning it all this season:

How much money do the NBA Finals winners receive?

There is no set amount of prize money given out to championship winners in the NBA. However, there is something called the Player Playoff Pool.

The Player Playoff Pool is a pool of funds that is made up of playoff ticket sales. Every team that makes the playoffs receives some of the pot, but the further they advance in the postseason, the more money they get. 

According to NBC Sports, the pool contained a total of $15 million in 2016 and was set to grow by $1 million every other year. However, Marca reported that this year’s prize money has ballooned to nearly $27 million. 

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NBC Sports’ breakdown of the winnings goes as follows: The team with the best overall record in the NBA receives a large sum, with a smaller amount given to the teams with the best records in each conference (East and West). The top six teams in each conference each receive a gradually smaller payout depending on their finish, while every team that makes it to the postseason receives another lump sum. 

From there, teams can earn progressively more money by making it further in the playoffs. Making it into the second round earns a set amount, making it to the conference finals earns slightly more, making it to the finals earns even more and winning a championship earns the most. 

Using the total pool amount provided by Marca in tandem with the breakdown provided by NBC Sports gives us the following payouts for 2023:

Best overall record: $777,840

Best record in conference: $1,361,206 ($680,603 each)

Second-best record in conference: $1,094,078 ($547,039 each)

Third-best record in conference: $816,729 ($408,364 each)

Fourth-best record in conference: $641,862 ($320,931 each)

Fifth-best record in conference: $534,822 ($267,411 each)

Sixth-best record in conference: $364,782 ($182,391 each)

Teams participating in first round: $6,439,658 ($402,479 each)

Teams reaching the conference semifinals: $3,831,216 ($478,902 each)

Teams reaching the Conference Finals: $3,165,594 ($791,398 each)

Losing team in the NBA Finals: $3,164,731

NBA Champion: $4,775,940

So, if the Nuggets win the championship this season, they will receive a total payout of $7,809,925. If the Heat pull it off, they will receive a total of $6,448,719. 

Keep in mind, those values are split among the whole team. However, there’s no guarantee they are split evenly. It’s quite possible the more important players receive a bigger share of the winnings than the bench players. 

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