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Names in the News: People Driving the Future of Business in the Lake Area

The Lake Area is a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, and many individuals are contributing to the growth of the business landscape. In this edition of “Names in the News,” we feature some of the people shaping the future of business in the Lake Area.

  1. Ashley Sterns, Owner of Sweet Cakes Bakery: Ashley Sterns is the owner of Sweet Cakes Bakery, which specializes in custom cakes and desserts. Her creations have gained a reputation for being both delicious and visually stunning, and her business has become a go-to for special events in the Lake Area.
  2. Dr. James Lee, Founder of Lee Medical: Dr. James Lee is the founder of Lee Medical, a company that develops medical devices to improve patient outcomes. His innovative products have earned numerous awards, and his company is poised for continued growth in the Lake Area and beyond.
  3. Keely Judice, Director of Community Engagement at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum: Keely Judice is the director of community engagement at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum, where she works to bring art and cultural experiences to the community. Her efforts have helped make the museum a hub for creativity and learning in the Lake Area.
  4. Jason Derouen, President and CEO of Southwest Louisiana Credit Union: Jason Derouen is the president and CEO of Southwest Louisiana Credit Union, which has been serving the Lake Area since 1950. Under his leadership, the credit union has expanded its offerings and become a trusted financial institution for the community.
  5. Ben Bourgeois, Co-Founder of Bayou Rum: Ben Bourgeois is the co-founder of Bayou Rum, a craft rum distillery that has gained national recognition for its high-quality products. His passion for rum and commitment to quality have helped establish Bayou Rum as a leading brand in the Lake Area and beyond.

These are just a few of the many individuals who are driving the future of business in the Lake Area. Their creativity, innovation, and dedication are helping to shape a bright future for the region.

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