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Opening a multi-currency trading account can be a game changer for businesses, especially international ones, now reaching global markets thanks to e-commerce. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of opening a multi-currency account for companies based in Europe, who are both buying and selling.

A multi-currency trading account allows you to handle different currencies when buying and selling outside of your home market. If you have an account that can only handle one currency, your profits and trading performance may be affected by high fees and transaction complexity. Creating a multi-currency trading account is easy. After passing some standard security and verification checks, you can set up an account. Today, many payment service providers will offer you multi-currency facilities as part of an overall payment package. That means there is no need to deal directly with a bank.

Here are six key benefits of using a multi-currency account to support your business:

Reduced transaction costs

If you have separate accounts in different countries, each bank may charge a fee to operate the account, and because the transaction chain is more complex and less transparent, there may be hidden fees. A single multi-currency account allows you to hold all the currencies that match your customer and supplier bases, and pay only one account fee.

Helps you manage currency exchange

Currency exchange is another cost to consider. With a multi-currency trading account, you can manage the volatility of currencies. If you only have one account that can receive foreign currency when converted to your home currency, you could lose money if the exchange rate is not in your favor. If you have European customers, they can pay on your account if you accept euros. Likewise, you can pay any provider in euros. You can also manage vendor payments by buying currencies at a reasonable price and storing them in your account for future use. Whether you’re buying or selling, a multi-currency account allows you to move money profitably.

Convenient for handling payments

With a multi-currency account, administration is much easier because everything is in one place and simplified. Monthly accounting is less demanding, without the headache of matching and reconciling invoices and receipts in different currencies, plus there are fewer adjustments for exchange rate differences. Everything is immediately visible in an account so you can keep track of your receipts and disbursements.

Increased processing speed

A multi-currency merchant account can speed up cross-border payments by eliminating the need for currency conversions, making transactions smoother and more efficient. It also provides access to faster payment methods, such as SEPA transfers, and can enable instant payments between customers of the same payment service provider. This can improve cash flow, reduce late payments, and strengthen relationships with customers and vendors.

Better customer experience

When you sell goods or services online, the customer experience is critical. A multi-currency account offers impeccable service with no hidden costs and an easier payment process. Customers won’t have to worry about conversion rates, which can be a barrier to purchase. By offering a variety of payment options, customers are more likely to complete transactions.

Stronger supplier relationships

Purchasing goods or services from foreign suppliers can face various challenges, such as currency risk, payment delays, and additional fees. By opening a multi-currency account, you can improve relationships with vendors. You can offer them the convenience of being paid in their local currency, which reduces the risk of being charged conversion fees or losing due to fluctuations in exchange rates.

In today’s globalized economy, companies must seize every opportunity to streamline operations and increase efficiency. A multi-currency trading account is essential for a business based in Europe that wants to expand internationally.

How to open an account

Opening an account has become easy with the advent of online options. One can answer the necessary questions about your business and key people in just a few minutes. Vendors usually require verification details and documents to ensure the legitimacy of the business.

Subsequently, the selection of the base currency or currencies can be made. Certain providers allow the initial opening of a wallet in a single coin and adding more coins after the account has been approved.

After submitting the application and relevant documents, the verification process and account opening usually take a few days. For example, SEND offers a streamlined application process that takes just a few minutes, and once approved, the account can be opened within 48 hours, subject to KYC approval. However, for companies with complex structures, the process may take longer, depending on how quickly they respond to requests for additional information.

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