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Diversity in culture, language, and ethnicity is a hallmark of human society, enriching nations and fostering unique experiences. In 2024, the world continues to celebrate the richness of diversity, with several countries standing out for their vibrant multicultural landscapes. Here’s a glimpse into the top 10 most ethnically diverse countries in the world.

Most Ethnically Diverse Countries in the World 2024

In 2024, the global population of 8.1 billion reflects extraordinary diversity in languages, customs, religions, races, ethnicities, values, and traditions. This vast array of differences highlights the presence of multiple cultures and ethnicities in numerous countries worldwide. However, pinpointing the most ethnically diverse nations proves intricate, as diversity manifests diversely in terms of forms and intensities across various regions.

Most Ethnically Diverse Country in the World 2024

With 93.02% of its population comprised of various ethnic groups, Uganda stands as the most ethnically diverse country in the world in 2024. This East African nation boasts a rich tapestry of cultural backgrounds and traditions, contributing to its vibrant societal fabric. The diverse ethnic landscape underscores Uganda’s commitment to inclusivity and tolerance, making it a beacon of multiculturalism on the African continent.

Top-10 Most Ethnically Diverse Country in the World By 2024

Fractionalization, as described by German researcher Erkan Gören in his 2013 study titled ‘Economic Effects of Domestic and Neighbouring Countries’ Cultural Diversity’, indicates the probability that two randomly chosen individuals from a country’s various groups do not share membership in the same group, be it based on ethnicity, religion, or other defining criteria.

Here is the list of top-10 most ethnically diverse countries by 2024:

Most Ethnically Diverse Country By 2024
Rank Country Ethnic Fractionalisation
1. Uganda 93.2%
2. Liberia 90.84%
3. Madagascar 87.91%
4. DR Congo 87.47%
5. Republic of the Congo 87.47%
6. Cameroon 86.35%
7. Chad 86.20%
8. Kenya 85.88%
9. Nigeria 85.05
10. Central African Republic 82.95%

Most Ethnically Diverse Country in the World – Uganda

Uganda, with 93.2% of its population representing a plethora of ethnicities, holds the distinction of being the most ethnically diverse country globally. This East African nation celebrates a mosaic of cultures and traditions, fostering a vibrant and inclusive society. Its rich ethnic tapestry underscores Uganda’s unique position as a beacon of diversity and unity on the African continent.

Second Most Ethnically Diverse Country of the World – Liberia

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Liberia emerges as the second most ethnically diverse country globally, with 90.84% of its populace originating from various ethnic backgrounds. Situated in West Africa, Liberia showcases a remarkable blend of cultures and heritage. Its diverse ethnic composition reflects a history of migration and integration, fostering a unique national identity rooted in inclusivity and mutual respect among its people.

World’s Third Most Ethnically Diverse Country in the World – Madagascar

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Madagascar ranks as the third most ethnically diverse country worldwide, with 87.91% of its population hailing from diverse ethnic groups. Located off the southeastern coast of Africa, Madagascar showcases a vibrant array of cultures and traditions. Its rich ethnic tapestry reflects centuries of migration and cultural exchange, contributing to the island’s unique identity and colorful societal fabric.

Most Ethnically Diverse Country in the World 2024, List of Top-10_70.1

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