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Recently released video captured the moment truck security guards realized they had been attacked in a potentially record-breaking jewelry heist.

The heist took place about a year ago, in July 2022. Brinks was hired by exhibitors at a jewelry show to move valuables from Northern California to Southern California.

During the road trip, while parked at a rest stop in Lebec, one of the security guards on duty slept while the second guard ate inside the truck stop.

That’s when the thieves seized the opportunity to seize nearly two dozen bags of vintage jewelry, gemstones and luxury watches from the tractor-trailer.

The jewelry owners said up to $150 million worth of merchandise was stolen.

Both Brinks and the victims have now taken legal action against each other following the heist, disputing the true value of the stolen merchandise.

The victims claim they lost up to $150 million in assets, while Brinks estimates the loss at less than $10 million.

The jewelry heist could be the costliest in US history. The victims are now accusing Brinks of negligence and breach of contract.

Los Angeles County deputies’ body cameras captured the moments after the raid.

“We had a lock here and it’s gone now,” a truck guard is heard telling a police officer on body cam video.

The guard says that although he didn’t think he was being followed, he felt like he was being watched while at the jewelry show.

“Before they left and as you can see from the body camera footage, the guards noticed that there was at least one suspicious person who was really making them uncomfortable,” said Jerry Kroll, the attorney representing the jewelers. “It’s something they actually mentioned to the sheriff’s deputies, but they’re on their way. They pulled up in a Flying J [truckstop] and one guard is sleeping while the other guard goes to eat inside the Flying J and doesn’t come back for 27 minutes.”

Kroll also claimed that the truck used to transport the jewelry was not armored as the company allegedly promised.

“My clients thought they were shipping the goods in an armored trailer with armed guards that were going to protect them safely,” Kroll said. “We discovered that the trailer was not armored. It’s not unlike a trailer that would probably be hauling groceries, tomatoes.”

Kroll says his clients and others in the jewelry industry estimate the value of the stolen property at around $150 million.

Brinks continues to dispute the monetary value of the stolen jewelry as investigators from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI continue to work the case.

No suspect descriptions or further details were released as the case is ongoing.

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