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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has shed light on the issues discussed in a WhatsApp group he is in with other elite coaches from the world of the NFL, NBA and rugby union.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is part of a WhatsApp group with coaches from other sports.(Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has revealed that being part of a WhatsApp group with coaches from different sports has helped him become a better leader at the club.

In March, Arteta shared that he is part of a conversation with coaches from the NFL, NBA and even former England rugby boss Eddie Jones. As the gunmen get ready for the next one Premier league season, Arteta believes that his participation in this group has been key to his personal growth as a coach. Last season, Arteta guided Arsenal to a commendable second place finish in the English Premier League, missing out on the title of manchester city despite leading them for much of the campaign.

The Gunners have wasted no time in reinforcing their squad for the coming season, having already invested a staggering £261.4 million in new talent. With the team currently on its preseason tour of the United States, Arteta is once again putting the leadership skills he’s learned to the test, reports the express.

During an interview in Washington DC before Arsenal’s game against the MLS All-Star team coached by Wayne RooneyArteta spoke about the benefits of being connected with coaches from various sports around the world.

He stressed the value of understanding different sports, various coaching techniques, and alternative leadership styles. Arteta appreciated the learning process that he has experienced through his participation in the WhatsApp group.

Interestingly, it was from this same WhatsApp group that Arteta was inspired for a change within Arsenal. Eddie Jones, the renowned rugby coach, referred to his substitutes as “finalists” and even changed the wording on the team sheets accordingly.

Following Jones’ lead, Arteta began referring to his defenders as “impactors.” When asked about this change, Arteta explained the logic behind it.

Mikel Arteta has spoken about his management methods after consulting coaches from other sports(sky sports)

“It’s something we wanted to change and I discussed it with a few people. We wanted to find something that is unique to us,” Arteta shared. “I think it was the best way to express how we feel about them and how they should feel about the team, especially on game day.”

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