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As fans know, and will perhaps never forget, living legend George Foreman made boxing history at the expense of Michael Moorer, this in November of 1994, with “Big George” sensationally knocking Moorer out in the tenth round, the win seeing the 45 year old become the oldest heavyweight ruler of them all. Moorer, who spoke with – in large part about his upcoming induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame – says he himself has forgotten about the loss that cost him his belts and potentially many millions of dollars.

Moorer, who was beating the brakes off Foreman for nine rounds and was ahead on all cards (not as far ahead as he should have been in the opinion of most, but ahead) then made the fatal mistake of standing in front of Foreman for just a little bit too long. Foreman landed a stunning right hand to the head and “It happened,” as HBO commentator Jim Lampley bellowed into the microphone.

A return fight was somewhat close to happening; Foreman even announced it for Madison Square Garden, the return fight to take place in February of 1996. But it never happened, and Moorer says that while he very much wanted the rematch, it was Foreman who walked away.

“I wished the rematch would have taken place, I wanted to avenge my loss,” Moorer said of the Foreman fight. “George didn’t want to take the fight, he didn’t want to fight me. There was a rematch clause in the contract but he didn’t abide by it so he had to pay step-aside money I believe and the fight never took place.”

Who knows what might have happened had the world seen Foreman Vs. Moorer II. Would Foreman have been befuddled by Moorer once again, with the now 47 year old failing to find the big shot the second time around and going down on points? Or would Moorer’s chin have again let him down? It’s down to opinion and nothing more. Instead of getting a return with Foreman, Moorer fought Axel Schulz, over whom Foreman had won a close, controversial decision before being stripped of his IBF belt.

Moorer went to Germany and he defeated Schulz to become a heavyweight titlist again. Foreman moved on from a rematch with Moorer and he instead faced the little-known Crawford Grimsley in Japan.

So, what would have happened had Foreman and Moorer rumbled a second time? Would it have been a case of repeat or revenge?

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