Mets call up top prospect Francisco Alvarez after catcher Omar Narvaez’s injury

The New York Mets have called up their top prospect, catcher Francisco Alvarez, after starting catcher Omar Narvaez was sidelined for eight weeks due to injury. Alvarez, who is considered one of the top catching prospects in all of baseball, is expected to make his major league debut soon.

Narvaez, who was acquired by the Mets in the offseason, suffered a sprained thumb in a recent game and is expected to be out for the next two months. The injury created an opening for Alvarez, who has been tearing up the minor leagues with his hitting and defensive skills.

Alvarez, who is only 19 years old, has been ranked as high as the No. 28 prospect in all of baseball by MLB Pipeline. He has impressed scouts with his strong arm, quick release, and ability to handle pitchers. He has also shown an advanced approach at the plate, with the ability to hit for both average and power.

The Mets have high hopes for Alvarez, who they see as a cornerstone of their future. His call-up comes at a critical time for the team, which has struggled with injuries and inconsistency early in the season.

While there is always risk involved in calling up a young prospect, the Mets believe that Alvarez has the talent and maturity to handle the pressure of playing in the major leagues. They also see him as a key part of their long-term plans, and they are eager to see what he can do at the highest level.

Overall, the call-up of Francisco Alvarez is an exciting development for the Mets and their fans, who are eager to see what the top prospect can bring to the team. With his impressive skills and potential, he could be a major factor in the team’s success for years to come.

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