Losing brutally to Stephen Curry, Charles Barkley flexes “100-pound weight loss” on social media with the 42-year-old 4x NBA Champion and WWE Superstar – EssentiallySports

Philadelphia 76ers legend charles barkley said goodbye to the world of professional basketball almost 23 years ago. While he has stayed connected to NBA events through his TNT show, Barkley has also used his time to focus on other sports. More particularly – golf. As a way to stay competitive with other people, Barkley has continued to improve his golf game in recent years.

After getting into a fight with warriors of the golden state star Stephen Currythe former player was recently spotted in a social media post, showing off his new achievement alongside two other golfers.

Barkley flexes her weight loss


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39 year old NBA champion André Iguodala he recently took to Instagram to share a post with his 1.7 million followers. The post featured the 4x champion standing alongside Barkley and Mike ‘the Miz’ Mizanin, a WWE professional wrestler. The photo was taken during the American Century Championship, a celebrity tournament that takes place in Nevada.

The post, which was captioned, “Sink this ball… I’m TIGER WOODS!” by Iguodala, showed Barkley flexing his 100-pound loss, which has been able to achieve due to an effective medication for diabetes. The TNT analyst surely seems to be in much better shape having accomplished this remarkable feat.

Barkley has had previous problems on the golf course. However, he has been able to overcome them to improve his game.

Despite physical progress, Barkley suffers brutal defeat from Stephen Curry

During the final game of the championship, Barkley gained the spotlight after scoring back-to-back birdies “for the first time in his life”. While it was a remarkable feat, Barkley couldn’t keep the spotlight on himself for long.

On the same day, Stephen Curry made an astonishing 18-foot putt to win the American Century championship. After taking the shot, Curry was seen tossing his hat into the air and running to hug his wife, as spectators and commentators cheered.


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Having played the sport since he was 10 years old, Curry has been a dominant personality on the golf course. While he has had some accomplishments to his name, this match marked Curry’s first victory in a golf tournament. It also marks the first time an African American has taken home the prestigious trophy.

Out of the field of 93 players, Barkley finished in 81, losing brutally to the 9x NBA All-Star.


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While the 60-year-old has definitely made some strides, it doesn’t look like his day is coming anytime soon. Barkley fans, however, are not giving up. And neither did he!

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