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Looming global crises: How we respond will ‘change the world’ – CapeTalk 567

News24’s Qaanitah Hunter reviews “The Power of Crisis” in which Ian Bremmer cites a trio of looming crises: global health emergencies, transformative climate change, and the AI ​​revolution.

Bruce Whitfield discusses the New York Times bestseller with Qaanitah Hunter, Deputy Editor for Politics and Opinion at News24.

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Every week, Bruce Whitfield of The Money Show interviews the author or reviewer of a new or trending business book.

This week, Whitfield spoke with Qaanitah Hunter, assistant editor for Politics and Opinion at News24.

She reviewed “The Power of Crisis: How Three Threats, and Our Response, Will Change the World.”

The New York Times bestseller is written by American political scientist and businessman Ian Bremmer.

Coming out of COVID, I’m fascinated by what the world is going to look like, especially the dynamics of the intersection of politics and the future of politics… And what Ian Bremmer does is he breaks down really complicated problems in a very simplified way. , digestible form.

Qaanitah Hunter, Assistant Editor: Politics and Opinion – News24

…basically healthcare pandemics, the challenges that arise through the disruption of technology, and I’m becoming more and more fascinated by the intersection of AI and generative AI and democracy, which is something I don’t think we have prepared enough… and what about the future of globalization…

Qaanitah Hunter, Assistant Editor: Politics and Opinion – News24

He makes a very interesting point: that Americans need to recognize the value of China’s rise. There have been many high-profile visits between the countries and that has a big consequence for Africa…

Qaanitah Hunter, Assistant Editor: Politics and Opinion – News24

What I enjoy about this book is that it doesn’t paint it as this binary world that we live in, as if it were China or the US, which is how much of the public discourse has persisted.

Qaanitah Hunter, Assistant Editor: Politics and Opinion – News24

And even more so when we discuss things like Agoa in South Africa and our involvement in the Brics, it almost feels like the binary choice of left or right, while Bremmer talks about the layered opportunities that US-China relations mean for both countries, but then at the same time he talks about the dangers in what he calls the rise of China.

Qaanitah Hunter, Assistant Editor: Politics and Opinion – News24

This book has been opened my eyes to many of the challenges that countries like South Africa face and will face, in a way that makes us realize that we are part of this global system… and with things like climate change we are all dealing with the same things, but in different degrees.

Qaanitah Hunter, Assistant Editor: Politics and Opinion – News24

It has been really fascinating.

Qaanitah Hunter, Assistant Editor: Politics and Opinion – News24

Description in Amazon:

Renowned political scientist Ian Bremmer draws lessons from the global challenges of the last 100 years, including the pandemic, to show how we can respond to three major crises that will unfold over the next decade.

In this eye-opening, mystifying, and ultimately hopeful book, Bremmer details how domestic and international conflicts leave us unprepared for a trio of impending crises: global health emergencies, transformative climate change, and the AI ​​revolution. Today, Americans cannot reach a consensus on any major political issue, and American and Chinese leaders behave as if they are caught in a new Cold War. We are wasting opportunities to meet the challenges that will soon confront us all.

In the years to come, humanity will be faced with viruses more deadly and infectious than Covid. Intensifying climate change will put tens of millions of refugees to flight and force us to reimagine how we live our daily lives. Most dangerous of all, new technologies will reshape the geopolitical order, disrupting our livelihoods and destabilizing our societies faster than we can understand and deal with their implications.

The good news? Some forward-thinking political leaders, business decision-makers, and individual citizens are already collaborating to address all of these crises. The question that should keep us awake is whether they will work well and fast enough to limit the fallout, and more importantly, whether we can use these crises to innovate on our way to a better world.

Drawing on traditional and cutting-edge strategies, from the Marshall Plan to the Green New Deal, The Power of Crisis provides a road map for surviving, even thriving, in the 21st century. Bremmer shows governments, corporations and all concerned citizens how we can use these looming crises to create the global prosperity and opportunity that 20th century globalism promised but failed to deliver.

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