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the 2016 Formula 1 The season was undoubtedly one of the most intense campaigns of the 21st century, with Mercedes teammates and arch-rivals Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg orchestrating a series of fierce on-track battles for the drivers’ championship title.

Even minor mistakes got on their nerves, leading to extreme reactions on and off the track. One such event unfolded over the opening weekend at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and subsequently drew explosive reactions from the late Mercedes chairman and former world champion Niki Lauda.

Hamilton got off to a poor start to his 2016 campaign as the Briton failed to win any of the opening five rounds. Meanwhile, there was Rosberg, absolutely dominating the entire field to win four races in a row; The German subsequently built a massive lead over his struggling teammate in the championship.

But somehow, Hamilton found his rhythm again, inching closer to championship leader Rosberg with wins in Monaco and Canada. Unfortunately, just like hamilton was on the verge of winning his third consecutive race in Baku, an incident during qualifying angered him to the point where he destroyed his entire motorhome.

Niki Lauda denied entry to Lewis Hamilton’s destroyed motorhome

F1’s inaugural qualifying in Baku witnessed the astounding display of racing prowess by Hamilton and Rosberg, as the duo constantly overlapped throughout Q1 and Q2. But, just when the odds were in favor of a thrilling finish to the evening, Hamilton diverted his Mercedes while attempting a potential pole winning lap.

The Briton clipped the barrier around the inside of Turn 10, causing terminal damage to the front suspension. Hence, despite having high hopes, Hamilton had to settle for tenth on the grid. Plus, Rosberg’s eventual pole position was like rubbing salt into the defending world champion’s wounds.

This provoked Hamilton immensely, as he vandalized his entire dressing room and also denied Lauda entry to his Mercedes motorhome. “He did it because it had crashed. He will have to pay for it [the destroyed room]. You can count on that”, revealed Lauda during an interview according to Sun. “He told me that I could not enter because he was going to destroy everything. That’s how it went.

Lauda also publicly called out Hamilton’s outright lie about his relationship with Rosberg. But, of course, this was not the first or last time that a Mercedes shareholder has opened up about the animosity between Hamilton and Rosberg and the negative atmosphere he created within the team.

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