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PITTSBURGH — Mike Tomlin’s contract extension may well be ready. Actually, it could have been done for a while now, and we’re only waiting for the official announcement from the Steelers a day before the start of training camp.

Five of Tomlin’s six career extensions came early in camp, so it’s highly likely that sometime between now and when the Steelers inform Saint Vincent College on July 26, the news will be released to the public. .

Unsurprisingly, it’s been pretty quiet on the extension front.

Owner Art Rooney II said after the season that he did not want to speculate on an extension for his manager, who has two years left on his contract. Rooney later told the team’s website later in the week: “I don’t really evaluate Mike on anything other than I’m glad he’s our coach. Hopefully, he will be our coach in the future. He gives us a chance to win, year after year, and he puts us in a position where we have a chance to compete for a championship.”

You don’t have to be a fortune teller to know what that meant.


Mike Tomlin’s OTA message: Steelers have championship hopes, but need to start fast

There has never been a question of whether Tomlin would extend. The way the Rooneys have run the Steelers since the day they hired Chuck Noll illustrates this: 54 years and three head coaches. This is how they do business whether you agree or not. Being a stable organization is the priority and has been since they tasted success in the early 1970s.

It’s not like, the Browns say, they recently had three coaches in a span of 54 weeks. Trust me, it’s not just the Browns. Other organizations have followed the same path. Only nine of the league’s 32 head coaches have been with their current team for more than five years, with two more entering their fifth season.

Tomlin is entering his 17th contract and has a contract that runs through 2024. Only six nfl The coaches have spent the most consecutive seasons with a team to start their head coaching careers: Tom Landry, Curly Lambeau, Bud Grant, Jeff Fisher, Steve Owen and Noll, and Tomlin has a better winning percentage (.636) than all .

So the argument is not whether Tomlin willpower extend The argument has always been, and always will be: Ought extends? Has your message become stale? Can they win with the way you train? They are all legitimate questions.

Mike Tomlin contract extensions

Year Day Years Through


July 23th

2 (3rd year option)

2012 (option in ’13)


July 24




July 23th




August 4th




July 25




April 20th

2 (3rd year option)

2024 (option in ’25)

That might seem crazy in 31 other cities for a coach with a Super Bowl trophy, seven division titles, 163 wins (16th in NFL history), nine 10-win seasons and no losing seasons. Only one of the 258 games of Tomlin’s career has been meaningless, with the Steelers out of playoff contention before the end, and that was a decade ago.

But Tomlin also has no playoff wins in six years and a 3-7 postseason record since losing Super Bowl XLV. That’s what this storied franchise is judged by. Not how many times the team can avoid losing a game more than it won.

No one should be safe if the lack of playoff success continues, no matter how good a coach you think you have. If the coach holds the players accountable, then the owner should hold the coach to the same standard… but not in this case, not now.

Tomlin shouldn’t have a lifetime contract. But contrary to the opinions of some frustrated fans, he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Tomlin needs to be extended for many reasons. Whether it’s for two or three years, it doesn’t matter. The lack of a playoff win since the 2016 season matters even less to me. The Steelers are in the midst of a total rebuild, not just on the field but throughout the front office and scouting department.

A change that could take years seems to be on the way… for the second time, and fast. After two 8-8 seasons, the Steelers won 11 games in 2014. After a pair of nine-win campaigns, the Steelers appear to be on track to compete again this year.

Even if Rooney wanted to let Tomlin live out his contract and see where he takes the team, that’s probably not the best business decision. The Steelers don’t need someone to come in and tip over the apple cart, especially after apparently falling into a huge quarterback situation with Kenny Pickett.

They need a strong voice. A respected voice. A voice they trust. With 17 of the 22 starters not on the 2020 team and an average age of around 26, all this team knows is Tomlin’s reputation, and not necessarily his recent resume.

The Steelers revamped their offensive line, put together potentially their best draft in years and have a high ceiling on defense. Their front office went above and beyond during their first full year, providing depth and competence at every level. Now is not the time to ignore what has been a right-of-way for Tomlin every other year and turn the future Hall of Famer into a worthless coach.

Tomlin has warts. We all recognize it. But that doesn’t make it expendable. At 51, he is a football addict who has not shown the slightest notion of disinterest.

Like it or not, Tomlin is on a lifetime contract at this point in his career.

Former general manager Kevin Colbert worked on a year-to-year contract near the end of his career at his request. He cited his age as a reason for not seeking a longer contract. It was basically a handshake deal until Colbert decided he didn’t want to be GM anymore.

You can’t do that with a 51-year-old head coach. Let’s face it, the only way Tomlin won’t be head coach of the Steelers is if he chooses not to be head coach of the Steelers. I’m fine with that, and Rooney must be too.

In December, sportico reported Tomlin has an annual salary of $12.5 million. For a frugal organization like the Steelers, cutting that number in half and bringing in a fresh face should be tempting, but it’s not. That tells you where the Rooneys sit on the matter.

So when the Steelers finally announce Tomlin’s extension, likely through the 2026 season, when he could be close to passing Noll as the franchise wins leader, many will debate the decision.

At this point, the Steelers and Rooney have no choice.

Just think… being forced have Mike Tomlin as their head coach.

(Photo by Art Rooney II and Mike Tomlin: Chuck Cook / USA Today)

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