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We are only two weeks away from the launch of the Episode of Johnny Manziel from the Netflix docuseries “Untold”and if there was any doubt about what the focus would be, they were removed with the release of the trailer for the series on Tuesday.

He two-minute preview of the streaming service of the four-episode series included striking audio snippets from Manziel himself, including, “Nineteen-year-old kid. Have 100 grand under your bed. It was awesome.”

Among the images of his partying days, Manziel also says, “I thought I played better the more I partied” and “It was probably a $5 million spree.”

Don’t worry, manziel’s fall will also be covered, which was foreshadowed by Manziel looking into a camera and sadly saying, “When I got everything I wanted, I think I was emptier than I’d ever felt.”

Manziel’s episode, titled “Johnny Football,” will be available on August 8.

Manziel was a sensation at Texas A&M, winning the Heisman Trophy as a redshirt freshman in a 2012 season that included a historic upset win at Alabama. Manziel had another big year the next season despite an offseason filled with rumors that he could face a lengthy suspension for allegedly accepting money to sign autographs. Manziel ended up suspended for only the first half of the first game of the season.

He finished fifth in Heisman voting that season and went on to be a first-round pick by the Cleveland Browns, but was out of the league after only two seasons due to dealing with numerous off-field issues.

Apart from the 70-minute episode titled “Johnny Football”, there will also be episodes about Jake Paul, the YouTube star who has caused a stir in the boxing world, as well as one about Victor Conte and the Balco steroids controversy and an episode about the rise and fall of the Florida Gators in college football from 2005 to 2010. The season begins with Paul’s episode on August 1, with another episode released every week.

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