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The prestigious CNBC-TV18 India Business Leader Awards (IBLA) brought together industry leaders, visionaries, innovators and sportspersons who have left an indelible mark on India’s landscape. The 2023 awards marked another year of recognizing their outstanding contributions.

From recognizing promising startups to honoring established industry giants, and sporting talents, the 19th edition of IBLA 2023 celebrated a spectrum of achievements.

This year’s award categories included Most Promising Company of the Year, Young Turk of the Year, Outstanding Contribution to Climate Consciousness, Hall of Fame, Special and Para Sports Leader of the Year, Outstanding Company of the Year, Young-Turk Startup of the Year, Entertainment Leader of the Year, Outstanding Business Leader of the Year, Brand Campaign of the Year, Sports Leader of the Year, Outstanding Contribution to Brand India, The Distruptors, In Memoriam, Lifetime Achievement.

Here are the winners and their viewpoints:

1. Young Turk of the Year – PhonePe:

Sameer Nigam, Founder & CEO, expressed optimism about India’s digital revolution and PhonePe’s role, talked about aspirations beyond IPO, focusing on digital payments for a billion Indians.

2. Young Turk Startup of the Year – BluSmart:

Anmol Singh Jaggi, Blu Smart co-founder, outlined plans for pan-India expansion in the next four years, emphasized Blu Smart’s reliability, punctuality, and commitment to future mobility. On retaining customer experience and what drives them at Blu Smart, co-founder Punit Goyal said they are the only 4.9 rated company in the world, travelled nearly 25 million kms. He said they launched the company five years ago with 70 cars and now they have 6000 cars. He futher said cutomers like their brand for being reliable, for being on time, and for being in the mobility for tomorrow.

3. Disruptor of the Year – ONDC:

T Koshy, ONDC CEO, discussed the potential for ONDC to be India’s next UPI moment, and stressed on the company’s global significance, aiming to benefit every citizen and not just a privileged few.

4. Most Promising Company of the Year – Persistent Systems:

Anand Deshpande, Chairman and MD, expressed confidence in reaching $2 billion in the next two years with a strong customer base.

5. Trailblazers of the Year – Annu Rani, Parul Chaudhary, Indian Men’s 4×400 Meters Relay Team:

On her journey, javelin thrower Annu Rani shared that she left her village with the aspiration of achieving something significant in life. When offering advice to girls, she emphasized the importance of parents supporting their children’s interests and allowing them to pursue their dreams. Regarding her future aspirations, Annu Rani mentioned that her next target is the Olympics.

Parul Chaudhary expressed that every athlete strives for victory on the track. She conveyed her happiness at achieving success with a gold medal and also revealed that she has qualified for the Olympics based on her performance at the World Championships.


6. Special and Para Sports Leader of the Year – Sheetal Devi:

Sheetal Devi credited her achievements to parental support and coach Kuldeep Vaidwan.

7. Sports Leader of the Year – Shubman Gill:

Young Indian batter Shubman Gill expressed his aspirations for breaking records. Gill expresses his aspiration to continue setting records in the long term. When discussing his next target, he highlighted South Africa, noting that India has not won a Test series there, and he is hopeful that this will change. On how he deals with the heartbreak of the World Cup, Gill emphasized the importance of the ability to move on, whether in victory or defeat, as a crucial factor for long-term success. Read more here

8. Outstanding Contribution to Brand India – Chandrayaan 3:

M Sankaran and Veeramuthuvel shared the success of Chandrayaan 3, emphasizing its importance for India’s scientific achievements and future missions. M Sankaran, Director of the U R Rao Satellite Centre, on the success of Chandrayaan-3, stated that they were confident it would happen, and that everything unfolded according to the plan. And, Veeramuthuvel, Project Director at the U R Rao Satellite Centre, termed Chandrayaan3 success as a deeply satisfying moment, and said it is not just a scientific achievement, but an achievement for the country. The success motivates them to work towards the PM Modi’s vision of sending an Indian on the moon by 2040.

9. Lifetime Achievement – Uday Kotak:

Uday Kotak said to transform our nation, the goal is a consistent 9 percent annual GDP growth for the next 25 years. He went on to emphasize that achieving this requires collective effort from individuals, policymakers, and practitioners. Read more here

10. Jury Recognition to Climate Consciousness – Vijay Dhasmana:

Vijay Dhasmana, a climate activist, shared that India has dedicated itself to the ecological restoration of 25 million hectares, and he believes that business leaders play a vital role in achieving this commitment. Expressing gratitude, he mentioned having an excellent team of women working towards realizing this ambition. Collaborating with over 80 corporate partners, they have successfully converted mines or dumping grounds into flourishing forests, he said.

11. Outstanding Contribution to Climate Consciousness – NEPRA (Let’s Recycle):

Sandeep Patel, NEPRA CEO, highlighted the company’s commitment to a better way of doing things, and shared insights into building and advancing their vision for sustainable practices.

12. Outstanding Contribution to Public Service – Amitabh Kant:

G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant reflected on his four decades of public service and unveiled plans for extensive travels and creative pursuits.

13. Breakout Brand of the Year – Kay Beauty by Katrina Kaif:

Katrina Kaif expressed her passion for Kay Beauty and plans for international expansion. Katrina Kaif said she harbored a dream to establish her beauty brand, and also said Kay Beauty is undeniably her passion. Discussing plans to expand Kay Beauty globally, Katrina Kaif said in the coming weeks, they are set to enter the markets of the US and Dubai.

14. Outstanding Company of the Year – Apollo Hospitals:

Shobana Kamineni, Suneeta Reddy, and Dr. Sangita Reddy acknowledged Apollo Hospitals’ impact on healthcare in India.


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15. Outstanding Business Leader of the Year – Kiran Mazumdar Shaw:

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw received recognition as an outstanding business leader.

16. Hall of Fame – Deepak Parekh:

Deepak Parekh was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  ‘HDFC was one of the first to start retail lending in India,’ said Parekh, and expressed enthusiasm for the private sector in India.

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17. In Memoriam – MS Swaminathan, Ashwin Dani, PRS Oberoi:

A tribute was paid to the late scientist MS Swaminathan, Asian Paints’ late nonexecutive director Ashwin Dani, and late PRS Oberoi, the former Executive Chairman of EIH Limited, the flagship company of the Oberoi Group.

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18. Brand Campaign of the Year – Spotify:

Spotify was acknowledged for its outstanding brand campaign.

19. Entertainment Leader of the Year – Sunny Deol:

Sunny Deol is awarded with the entertainment leader of the year for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

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