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Jake Paul did not leave the chance to take a shot at yet another MMA fighter a few days ago. He called out Sean Strickland for a fight with a million-dollar challenge after the former UFC champion destroyed Rumble streamer Sneako during a sparring session. Meanwhile, ‘Tarzan’ recently made a revelation about Paul’s boxing matches on a YouTube video.

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When it looked like Jake Paul was now engaged in fighting boxers with an actual background in the sport, he turned his attention to another MMA fighter, Sean Strickland. But the latter went on to share a video, and exposed ‘The Problem Child’ and the revenue he generates through his boxing matches. Let’s see what Strickland had to say.

Sean Strickland claims Jake Paul doesn’t make money from his fights


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Conor McGregor is the only UFC fighter to have ever competed in a crossover fight against a boxer, Floyd Mayweather. Since then, no one has replicated that move. But now, Sean Strickland wants to do that as well. As such, the former middleweight champion had a conversation regarding the same with UFC’s Hunter Campbell.

Strickland mentioned that he recently asked Campbell about a possible Jake Paul fight. He asked, “I will fight this man [Jake Paul]. You let Conor McGregor fight Mayweather. This is an easier fight, easier money. Can I do that?” However, the UFC’s Chief Business Officer made some stunning revelations about the reality of Paul’s boxing matches.

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According to Hunter Campbell, Jake Paul cannot draw people and sell his fights. The reality is much much different.

“Then Hunter explained to me… that he [Paul] sells no fights. When they have fights, they give away tickets, that he doesn’t make money, that his target audience is children [and] they don’t buy pay-per-views,” Strickland further stated.

The former champion was not disappointed when he learned these facts from Hunter Campbell. He believes that he can easily beat Jake Paul and earn some money, but that does not seem possible. Sean Strickland added, “Little depressing because I thought to myself, ‘You know what? I’ll take a payday beating up this f***ing man. That sounds easy enough.’” Nevertheless, the UFC star went on to give a piece of advice to Jake Paul if their fight was ever going to happen.

‘Tarzan’ suggests Paul make some adult fans

Sean Strickland has always been a fighter, but not Jake Paul. ‘The Problem Child’ has mostly spent his professional life as an influencer, catering mostly to children. But Strickland suggested to the YouTuber-turned-boxer that he should grow an audience and a fanbase of adults if he has plans to fight him. The former champion said, Jake Paul is an influencer. He sells to children… I don’t know, man. Get some adults to follow you and then we will fight.”


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Moreover, Sean Strickland reminded Jake Paul that he knows that they can’t fight each other in the present. Not only that, ‘Tarzan’ stated that the UFC and the fans also know this issue, regardless of the jibes he takes on the former UFC champion on social media. “So here’s the thing, Jake Paul. You clearly know I can’t fight you. We know this, the UFC knows this. We all know this,” Strickland added.

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Most of the UFC fighters Jake Paul has fought have been retirees or are not working for Dana White‘s promotion. Hence, it seems unlikely that we will get to see a fight between him and Sean Strickland. Nevertheless, the former champion is always willing to fight, and even put forth a challenge of his own to ‘The Problem Child’. It remains to be seen if Paul accepts to fight Strickland behind closed doors.

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