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Garrett Cooper has gained plenty of attention, as five teams have shown interest in the free agent. The veteran slugger continues a point of interest as rumors swirl around him.

The Boston Red Sox were one of the top teams interested in pursuing the first baseman, but they never considered him as the first option. The possibility is not entirely ruled out, though, as the slugger is still a free agent.

The Milwaukee Brewers also wanted to add the right fielder before signing Rhys Hoskins. It made sense for the Brewers to stick to Hoskins, especially after Cooper struggled with injuries. Now that they have Hoskins, the chances of signing Cooper seem to have slipped away.

As per MLB insider Craig Mish, five teams are interested in the player.

One possibility is for the slugger to re-sign with the San Diego Padres. While it’s possible for him to reunite with his former teammates, the Padres are yet to discuss the possibility of acquiring him.

Apart from the aforementioned three teams, the Miami Marlins and the Cleveland Guardians are also rumored to be linked with the star. The Marlins know his worth, as his performance on the team was impressive, getting named the National League All-Star in 2022.

Garrett Cooper’s injuries remain a crucial aspect

Apart from the financial part and team requirements, Cooper’s injuries will be a concern for any prospective buyer. After playing for the Marlins and the Padres last season, his overall performance have dipped. He was traded to the Padres before the deadline and slashed .251/.304/.419. last year.

From the defensive end, he remains one of the top players. His appearance at first base has helped him stay as a valuable player. Another advantage is his potential to play in the outfield, but he’s not as good as he’s on first base.

The 33-year-old is in demand and should soon find himself on another team. The challenging part will be to stay healthy throughout the regular season. With his skill and abilities, the talented player might attend spring training soon.

Nevertheless, Cooper is one of the best free agents available in the market for teams that need a designated hitter and a first baseman.

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