Francisco Alvarez and Brett Baty: Two Mets Prospects Ready to Take the Big Stage

Get ahead of the game by keeping an eye on these two young stars who are making waves in the Mets’ farm system

The New York Mets have two prospects that have been turning heads in the minor leagues this season. Francisco Alvarez and Brett Baty are both making a strong case for a call-up to the majors sooner rather than later.

Francisco Alvarez, the Mets’ top prospect, is a 19-year-old catcher who has been tearing up the Double-A level this season. In just 14 games, Alvarez has hit .321 with four home runs and 13 RBI. He’s also known for his defensive skills behind the plate, with a strong arm and excellent pitch framing abilities. With veteran catcher James McCann struggling at the plate this season, there may be an opening for Alvarez to make his mark in the big leagues sooner rather than later.

Brett Baty, the Mets’ first-round pick in 2019, is another prospect to watch out for. The 22-year-old third baseman has been on fire in Double-A, hitting .313 with two home runs and 10 RBI in 14 games. Baty is known for his powerful left-handed swing and could provide a much-needed offensive boost to the Mets’ struggling lineup. With regular third baseman J.D. Davis on the injured list, Baty could be the solution the Mets are looking for.

Both Alvarez and Baty are young players with tremendous potential. They have shown that they can perform at a high level in the minor leagues and are ready to take the big stage. Fantasy baseball owners should keep an eye on these two young stars as they make their way up the Mets’ farm system.

In summary, Francisco Alvarez and Brett Baty are two prospects that the Mets are keeping a close eye on. With their impressive performances in Double-A, they could be called up to the majors sooner rather than later. If you’re a fantasy baseball owner, make sure to keep an eye on these two young stars as they make their mark in the Mets’ organization.

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