Francis Ngannou Says Tyson Fury Will Regret Underestimating Him In Boxing Match – TMZ

Francisco Ngannou says tyson fury You’ll rue the day you underestimated the former UFC Heavyweight Champion!

“[Tyson] He has said many things. She better prepare for October 28 because if she doesn’t take this seriously, I think she will be shocked and regret her life,” said Ngannou, 36. sports just days after his highly anticipated boxing match with the Gypsy King was announced.

Fury, by almost everyone’s mind, is the best heavyweight boxer around today… but Ngannou isn’t content to collect a big paycheck only to lose his boxing debut.

“I’m going to box there. I’m going into this fight as a boxer. And I’m impressed to see how people write me off of this and get excited about it as well. You know, one more thing.” keep doubting me. And, as usual, I could go on to prove them wrong.”

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Despite Francis’ confidence, Tyson doesn’t seem too concerned, messaging Ngannou via social media, shooting his opponent.

“Ngannou, you’re getting it, big batcher. Big stiff batcher, you’re getting knocked out. You’re being knocked out, buddy!”

We also spoke to the former UFC star about how he plans to prepare for the fight…and Francis is thinking about bringing on two of the greatest heavyweights of all time.

“I think getting some advice or some kind of training from Mike Tyson it would be good. I also think of someone like lennox lewiswhat could be good.”

Francis continued… “I love his boxing style, very basic, but very sharp, efficient, you know, I want all that stuff like classic, but very good, I love that stuff. So yeah, one of those guys, we’re definitely getting there.”

FYI, Fury is a heavy favorite, to the tune of -1250 (risk $1,250 to win $100), but Ngannou isn’t bothered.

“I’m going for everyone. This is my moment. This is my life. This is what I’ve been waiting for.”

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