Former President Donald Trump Attends UFC 287 to Support Dana White and Jorge Masvidal

Former President Donald Trump made a surprise appearance at UFC 287 on Saturday, showing up to support UFC president Dana White and fighter Jorge Masvidal.

Trump, who has long been a fan of combat sports, was greeted with a loud ovation from the crowd at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. He took a seat cageside with White and Masvidal’s team, cheering on the fighter as he battled Gilbert Burns in the co-main event.

Masvidal, who had previously expressed support for Trump, ultimately fell short in his fight against Burns, losing by unanimous decision. Despite the loss, Trump and Masvidal were seen chatting and laughing after the fight, with Trump reportedly telling Masvidal that he fought a great fight.

Trump’s appearance at the event was not announced beforehand, and it came as a surprise to both the fighters and the fans in attendance. His presence added even more excitement to an already highly anticipated event, and it further solidified his support for the sport of mixed martial arts.

White has been a vocal supporter of Trump in the past, speaking at the Republican National Convention in 2020 and even hosting an event for Trump at the White House in 2019. Trump’s appearance at UFC 287 was seen as a show of support for White and the UFC, as well as for Masvidal, who has been a vocal supporter of the former president.

Overall, Trump’s appearance at UFC 287 was a memorable moment for the sport and for those in attendance. His support for White and Masvidal only adds to the already intense and passionate fan base that the UFC has built over the years.

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